Saturday, October 08, 2011

Document sharing website Scribd using HTML5

Document sharing website Scribd using HTML5

The document sharing services like Scribd and SlideshareWhich can easily publish and share business presentations, white papers and transcripts of conferences suffered from original sin: they used Flash for integration into a web page, a bit like a YouTube.

And Flash is not compatible with mobile or shelves (except Android 2.2 and more, I repeat every time because otherwise it makes me always note), the huge information base provided by these sites n ' was available on a desktop PC. This is a little bundle at the time of the mobile web and theiPad.

Scridb, Which had already started working on the issue in recent months, just update your site Now offering the availability of all presentations hosted in HTML5. A gigantic work of conversion given that Scribd hosts something like twenty million documents.

This change makes at once the full sources available either on smartphone, even if alternative solutions to be sent in different formats compatible were already available.

I a presentation,replacing the code by the Flash code interpreting the HTML5 (via iframe) and if it works fine on PC, it is unfortunately not the case on my iPad: if the presentation is identical and zoom operations, the navigation function in the pages via the up / down does not work, page numbers are displayed but the presentation is stuck on the first page, at least at home.

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