Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Convert flv files

Convert your flv files

WonderShare wmv converter for windows is a video converter that makes it possible to burn 100% compatible movies that are readable on all the most popular devices. It’s very quick, user-friendly nature makes it a go-getter. You can easily convert videos and also extract audios with this converter, to all well known formats. Indeed this converter lets you convert multiple audio/video files at a go. You may use it to extract audio sounds from videos with wma, wav, mp3, etc. extensions. It goes without saying that it also converts flv files from any format to any other.

Considering the high standard of this converter, it is but normal to expect high quality videos. With its free trial version, it seems to be a worthy deal. The user manual is quite easy to follow, however flv conversion can be done with a lot more ease should the user have a few tricks and tips for the process. You may have downloaded a video online but are unable to read it with your own device, be it an iphone or an ipad. It will therefore be invaluable to grab some tips on how to convert your freshly downloaded video to your preferred format.

For this conversion, I would recommend the WonderShare converter, with which you can carry out this task with relative ease and with as little time as possible, all with outstanding results.

First begin by downloading, installing and then running the WonderShare converter on your machine. Follow this by adding flv files using the ‘file’ option. Select the output format you will want; mp3, avi, etc. Click to start the conversion of the file. During this process you can easily split big files with flv extensions. It is also possible to edit, crop, and add effects (brightness, saturation and contrast) to your videos, while previewing all effected changes on the video. The software also gives leeway to easily clip (to set the start and end times) and trim your freshly made video as often as possible.

The interface is very user friendly and as such, the operation is simplified to the maximum for beginners and also features advanced options for specialists. Nearly all the options on this software are customizable.

Notwithstanding, there are other options to convert files online as you may be well aware. All you will need to do is just to click on the ‘Browse’ button and then select the file. Select an input and output format, and do not alter the default settings. Click on ‘ok’, wait while the file is being converted then download when it is done.

Media conversion can be as easy as ABC so have fun while you convert your flv files!!! Cheers

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