Wednesday, July 30, 2008

DIY Collage for Kids Party Fun Decorations

Decorations add color and excitement. A little creativity goes a long way and you don't have to spend tons of money.

One of the easiest ways to decorate for a party is to purchase "partyware sets", consisting of matching table cloths, plates, cups, and napkins, that convey the theme.

And what's more?
Something creative DIY by kids themselves and let them enjoy the party decorations will make more fun.

Here's a short guide to take you through some easy steps to get started on beautiful party decorations collages with Wondershare Photo Collage Studio.

Getting Started

Now we suspect that you have successfully installed Photo Collage Studio, let’s get started! When you first start the program, a window will appear with creating a new collage. Here you choose built-in collage templates to add your pictures into designs. You can always to start with a completely blank canvas – the ultimate to express your creativity.

Once you click one of them, you’re ready to go. Let’s walk though creating a collage! Notice that at the top of the screen, there are 5 main buttons. Add Photo lets you select your favorite digital photos to your creating collage. Edit Photo lets you retouch your imported photos (add photo frames, masks, or special effects). Decorate Collage lets you add text, clipart and stamp, even draw your own illustration to perfect the collage. Save Collage lets you publish the collage in jpg, png, gif, bmp and tiff common picture formats. Also you can directly make it as your wallpaper. Print Collage lets you print you final projects at various sizes across multiple pages.

1. Adding Photo

If you select “Create From Template”, “Select Template” window including 200+ various collage templates for love, wedding, baby, holiday and any other occasions will pop up to let you choose your favorite to continue creating. Double click or drag the photo from the left list box to the frame of template and adjust the size of photos in the frame to the best effect by using the editing toolbar upper of the selected photo.

2. Edit Photo

In addition to the editing we’ve already discussed (moving, resizing ,rotating and cropping), the program contains three tabs that contain fun image modifying features: Frames, Mask and Effect. Included in the program is a collection of frame borders and mask effects sorted into various categories. Simply select the effect you want for any photo that you feel needs to be spiced up. And drag, drop and go.

3. Decorate Collage

There are four tabs offered for your decorating collage. Use Text to add descriptive caption to your collage. You can customize the color, size, font and even add halation to your text. Hundreds of cliparts and stamps in different types give you more space to perfect the collage. Simple drag and drop to anywhere you like.

Doodle is a mini tool that lets you customize personalized pieces. You can create transparent drawings that can be added as clip art or images to your collage. To draw, select the Pencil tool and click and drag on the workspace. You can control the color of the paint as well as the color of the background. To erase any part of your painting, click the Eraser tool and then click and drag over the area.

4. Save Collage

Ok, you're pretty much done. Remember to save your work in the appropriate image format, such as .JPEG, .JPG, BMP, etc. On the other hand, you can set your masterpiece as wallpaper, or email it to friends.

5. Print Collage

Printing images is a snap. The preview that you see is exactly how the page will print. Here’re the essential details:

Setting the Print Orientation: Click the desired orientation button. You can print in either portrait or landscape format.
Select Page: Check the collages that you want to print later.
Printing Multiple Copies: Type in the number of copies you want printed Choosing the Print Layout: You can print your selected collages on one page, or across several pages. Pick the format you want by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail pictures.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Myspace photo slideshow tutorial

After had a summer vacation in Greece with my family, I've taken lots of photos there. Now I need to do something with these photo that fullfilled with summer fun to cherish our memories. I've made a photo movie DVD and a photo book for sending to others as gifts, this time I'll create a flash slideshow and share on MySpace with my family and friends.

Read the whole step by step tutorial on

Thursday, July 24, 2008

tutorial make slideshow for youtube with photos and music

Share a step-by-step tutorial mainly about how to make slideshow for youtube with photos and music from

make slideshow for youtube with photos and music

4 tips for telling your summer stories with photos

Recently, many friends had their summer vacation all over the world and took tons of photos. They are so eager to share their happy moments with others but confusing how to. Bellow are tips for telling your summer stories with photos.

4 tips for telling your summer stories with photos

Hope it helps.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to make a summer slideshow

Beat the summer heat and move the activities inside with a fun summer activity the entire family can participate in. Gather your photos, videos and music and make a summer-time slide show. Use the steps below to start your project today.

What you'll need

*Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Version 4.0 or later
*Photos and videos in digital format
*Audio track (MP3, WAV or CD track)
*Blank DVDs
*DVD burner

How to Make it

Step1 Gather Your Photos, Videos & Music
Think about all the content you want to use in your slide show. Photos of the kids playing sports, candid shots from a recent summer BBQ, or maybe you took some photos or video of your local 4th of July fireworks show. All this can be easily added to your Summer slide show.

Step2 Import images, videos, and audios
After I gather the content I want to use, I find the folder I saved them in. In this case, I'll just add the whole folder. Click on the first button on the Tool Bar located above the Story Board and select "Add Photo/Video", press CTRL+A to select all the files in the pop-up window, and then click "Open" to import. This works the same way for videos, but for audio, what’s the only different is that click the second button on the Tool Bar. The files you added will be displayed on the Story Board at the bottom.

Step 3: Choose transition & motion Effects
DVD Slideshow Builder has close to 200 different transition and motion effects to pick from, which includes 2D & 3D effects. Click on a transition thumbnail between two slides and you can look at all of them by dragging the slide bar. If you click on any of them, you can see a preview in the bottom left. To choose one, double click on it. Also, click on a transparent pentacle on the bottom left of a slide and you can select one effect for each slide. The pentacle will become blue if an effect was added on the slide.

Step 4: Timing
All the images I added show up in the Story Board now. This step makes a huge difference in the feel of the show. You can change the slide times and transition times to make the show go as fast or slow as you want. Set different timing accords to different effects to make the slideshow look the best. Just double click on the timing underneath the slide thumbnail and transition thumbnail and then set to one as you want.

Step 5: Time Line
With DVD Slideshow Builder Version 4, a brand-new feature TimeLine was added. This feature helps users much easier to adjust the starting and ending position of the audios and captions.

Step 6: Edit Slides
This is where things really get interesting. Double-click on any slide to open Edit Photo/Video. Here, you can crop the slide, add effects for slide, make image adjustments, and so on. It's so easy, and you will learn how to do by using.

Step 7: Add Intro/End Credits
Now it's time to add intro/end credits to make it just like a real movie. The credits you created will appear in the beginning and ending position of the Story Board. Right click on the first slide and select "Insert Blank Slide", and then click the third button "Add Text" to add captions for the credit movies. This works the same way to add End Credits but “Add blank slide” at the end of the photo movie.

Step 8: Customize your DVD menu
More than 160 professional designed DVD menu templates are available to use for any occasions. Choose your favorite templates to make your photo movie look good at the first sight. Drag the positions of the frame, text, play button to anywhere as you want. Customizing the DVD menu is also a fun. Just right click the menu and then change the background images to your very own, and set the "Frame Style" to make your DVD menu unique.

Step 9: Preview photo movie
At any point, you can preview your photo movie to see how it's coming along. In the "Slideshow" Tab, click the black Play button and the preview will start. But if you want to preview more than one slideshows with DVD menu, please switch to "Preview" Tab and click on the number to preview the corresponding movie.

Step 9: Output & share
Planning on giving out copies of the Summer slide show to family and friends? With built-in DVD authoring tool in DVD Slideshow Builder, this saves a lot of time because I don't have to use any other software to create menus or burn DVDs. My family and friends love watching my photo movies on their TV and I love sharing that experience with them. Using video output, I can convert photo movies to videos directly for use on mobile devices like iPod, iPhone, Zune, PSP, cell phone and more.

Now, done! Sit back, grab a cold drink and enjoy! smile.gif

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