Monday, December 29, 2008

Make 3D Wall Flash Photo Gallery

Want to displays images on an engaging interactive 3D wall for Myspace/Blog/Website but lack of flash skills? Here is a step by step tutorial shows you how to make 3D wall flash photo gallery using 3rd party flash software called Flash Gallery Factory and no complicated computer skills needed.

Here's what you need:

1. Favorite Digital Photos

2. Wondershare Flash Gallery Software

Step 1. Install and run in Slideshow mode

First of all, download Flash Gallery Factory and install it. And then double-click the icon on desktop or from the Start menu to launch the program. To create 3D flash photo gallery, please run in “Gallery Mode”.

Step 2. Add photos

The program will go to “Browse” tab by default. At first, browse photos in the File Explorer and simply drag & drag your favorite photos from the Photo Explorer to the Storyboard. Process the photos with the built-in editing tool, which include some basic functions like crop, rotate, filter, etc by double clicking the images on the Story Board. Add a bunch of song as background music if you like.

Step 3. Apply template

Go to “Template” tab to pick out a template for your photos so that all photos will share the similar style. To make 3D wall gallery, I select the “BarrelIn(36-pic)” from the 3D Theme Templates.

Step 4. Select “Preloader”

Click "Set Preloader" on the "Template" Tab. Choose a gorgeous preloader for your own, here I choose "fish". And then, set "Percent Color" and "Background Color".

Step5. Publish the 3D flash photo Gallery

Before creating, click Publish Settings button to make output settings, such as Loop, Flash Quality and so on. Afterwards, click “Create SWF Movie” button to make the 3D flash photo gallery in SWF format.

Ok, that’s done! Download Flash Gallery Software and follow the tutorial to make your own 3D wall flash photo gallery 5 simple steps.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wondershare Announce Photo Software Christmas Promotion

It just a few days until Christmas 2008 and We’re so glad to announce photo software Christmas promotion on

First, Discount Bundles

1) StoryMaker Basic Bundle $69.95 $49.95 (Save $20)

Photo Story Platinum + Photo Collage Studio

2) StoryMaker Better Bundle $119.95 $79.95 (Save $40)

Flash Gallery Factory + Photo Story Platinum + Photo Collage Studio

3) StoryMaker Best Bundle $169.95 $89.95 (Save $80)

Movie Story + Flash Gallery Factory + Photo Story Platinum + Photo Collage Studio

Find More about Christmas special offers...

Second, Free Giveaways

Enjoy digital photos and videos on iPhone, iPod and PSP by free slideshow software provided by wondershare this Christmas , it's completely free, download and have a try.

Free Software List:

1) iPhone 3G Slideshow Maker
Get this free photo slideshow maker to make some holiday movies for your new iPhone 3G.

2) iPod Slideshow Maker
Make something new for your iPod. It’s not only a mp3 player, but a home movie theatre on the go.

3) PSP Slideshow Maker
Like the iPod, PSP could also be a home movie theatre for playback your home-made movies.

Find more about Christmas free giveaways...

Merry Christmas and have fun with photos/videos on holiday seasons!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Create Collage Yearbook with Photo Collage Studio

Christmas is coming and a year also comes to its end right away. From beginning to end, from spring to winter, the year 2008 must bring you so many momentous occasions. Now before Christmas, do you want to make a yearbook collage of 2008, to commemorate the past and to hope for a new bright future?

Below is the yearbook collage I've made. I hope you like. And if so, you could also create your own yearbook collage of 2008 after looking through the detailed steps.

Here's what you need:

1. Digital photos in 2008

2. Wondershare Photo Collage Studio

Step 1. Create collage from template

Download and install Wondershare Photo Collage Studio first. After completed, launch the program by double-clicking the icon on desktop or from Start menu. In seconds, the program will prompt you to create blank collage or from template. Select "Create From Template" and then a pop-up window enable you to select a collage template. Here, I switch to Layout category and pick out a template.

Step 2. Add photos

Once the template has been open, double-click the photo frame to open up a browse window and select desired photo from.The other way is to locate photos on the left hand side and drag favorite photos from bottom left corner to Work Space. After the photos are added, you can move, resize, rotate, crop, swap and pan them as you like.

In this sample, custom background image is used. Here is how:

1. Bring up Collage Settings dialog box by clicking Set button above Work Space or right-clicking on background.

2. Check Image ratio button followed by clicking Load button

3. Clicking Import button to select an image from local disk

4. Select Stretch in Background panel

5. Click OK

Step 3. Add texts

Double-click the default text and you will be led to Text tab of Decorate Collage main tab. There you can type the text you want, such as "Jimmy 2008". Of course you can also make text editing like Font, Size, Color, Shadow, Halation and Texture. You gonna spread your Christmas wishes in the most personalized style.

Step 4. Print out

Print your yearbook collage with home printer. Before that, make sure your printer works well. Now click Print button to start printing. In a moment, you will get your yearbook collage at hand!

OK. That is all. Now download Wondershare Photo Collage Studio and try to follow the steps to make your own yearbook collage of 2008!


1. The program provides more powerful functions than what's described above, e.g. you could edit photos by adding frame, mask and filter, as well as decorate your yearbook collage with stamp and even doodle by yourself.

2. You can directly save your yearbook collage as desktop wallpaper in Save Collage tab.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

YouTube Photo Slideshow Created by Photo Story Platinum

you will always be remember and will remain in our hearts
we will never forget you aaron....

step by step tutorial about how to make photo slideshow for Youtube

Friday, December 05, 2008

Take better holiday photo tips

It just a few days until Christmas 2008 so I thought tips on the topic of holiday photography and photos might be appropriate. Hopefully this will give you some good holiday photo ideas!
Taking Great Holiday Pictures

Get Your Camera Holiday-Ready
  • Pack the camera - goes without saying? I forgot mine last year in the rush to get the car packed.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged and you have extras and/or the recharge packed.
  • Pack extra memory cards - have them empty and ready to fill up
  • Put someone on ‘photos’ - our family has someone on drinks, main course, dessert - why not put someone on ‘photos’ so that in the craziness of the day they don’t get forgotten.

Holiday Portraits Photography Tips

  • Holiday often provides unique opportunities to get group portraits of family and friends who may rarely be gathered together at once.Take advantage by gathering everyone together somewhere with a nice and uncluttered backdrop. A holiday tree can be a popular background, but even a wall that isn't too busy or a living room couch can work well.
  • Learn how to Capturing Perfect Family Photos,arrange your subjects, what clothes to wear, and what not to do when you want to take unique family photos that you will want to frame and display in your home.

  • Brought to you by HP and pro photographer and mom Tracey Clark.

Do More with Holiday Shoots

Holiday Cards
  • DIY Digital Greeting Picture Card (Print Out and Post)
  • Create Flash Greeting Ecard (Send by Email or Share on Your Myspace)
  • Make Video Greeting Ecard with Photos and Video Clips (Upload on YouTube)

Holiday photo collage &Gift DVD
  • Create Holiday Photo Collage
  • How to Create Photo Story Gift DVD
  • Make Photo Year Book 

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Flash Business Presentation for Christmas

In this article, I am going to demonstrate how to create Christmas business flash presentation using Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory . This program is so powerful that making business presentation only needs some of their functions. You could try more for other business usages. Now, please go on to see how to create a simple Christmas business Flash presentation with only 4 pages.

What you'll need:

1. Digital photos for business flash presentation

2. Flash presentation software

3. background music (Optional)

Step 1. Install and run in Slideshow mode

First of all, download Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory and install it. And then double-click the icon on desktop or from the Start menu to launch the program. To add animated text and amazing animation, please run in Slideshow mode.

Step 2. Add photos and set hyperlink

The program will go to Browse tab by default. At first, browse photos in the File Explorer and simply drag & drop your favorite photos from the Photo Explorer to the Storyboard.
For convenience, when photos are being added, random transition effects would be also applied to your added photos.

Add Photos

As you could see in the sample above, there is a blank slide at the beginning. To add such a slide, click the down arrow and select Add Blank Slide. Next, add the text you want on it by double-click this slide. See below to learn how to edit text.

Add Blank Slide

Hyperlink is indispensable for a business flash presentation. Only through a click, can you directly lead the audience to the page you linked. In Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory, you can set a hyperlink to each photo. First, right-click photo on Storyboard. In the resulting dialog box, check the option of Hyperlink. And then input the hyperlink address in the text field, followed by clicking OK.

Photo Properties

Step 3. Apply template

Go to Template tab to pick out a template for your photos so that all photos will share the similar style. Here we select the RedRight item for simple business presentation. Note that once you highlight a template, you apply it.

Step 4. Change Effect

To change the previously applied effect, firstly highlight a photo on Storyboard, and then select effect from the list. At last click the "Apply to selected" button to apply. Besides, click the down arrow marker to the right of "Applied to selected" button to show up another two commands: "Apply to all" and "Randomize to all". The former will apply the selected effect to all photos, while the latter will apply random effect to all photos. Using the latter command will save you a lot of time.

Change Effect

Step 5. Decorate your presentation

In this sample, some amazing animation effects are used. You can apply these effects in Decorate tab. After switching to Animation tab, drag the desired animation directly to the preview window. As a result, you will see a rectangle on screen. If required, click the rectangle to show up a bar to and change the duration of animation effect. Besides, you can also add animated text, interesting clipart and funny sound.

Decorate Presentation

Step 6. Create your flash presentation

Before creating, click Publish Settings button to make output settings, such as Loop, Flash Quality, Background Color and so on. Here, select Loop Automatically to let the presentation play continuously. Afterwards, click Create SWF Movie button to create your business flash presentation in SWF format. Once created, you could either send the SWF file directly to others or upload it to a web site first and subsequently spread the URL on internet to share widely. This would be greatly helpful for your Christmas e-marketing.


OK, that's done! Download Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory now for free and have a try to create your own business flash presentation and share with the world!


1. In the Photo Properties dialog (issued by right-clicking photos on Storyboard), you can change the duration for selected photo and apply this duration to all photos.

2. You can change the Flash size before creating SWF. However, you are recommended to keep the aspect ratio.