Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Arrival: Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder 4.0

Brand-new Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder 4.0 is released! We have optimized a bunch of enhancements of this new version. First you will get a surprise of the new look. It’s more clear and easier to use. One of the most enhanced feature is the Theme Designer, which can allow you to design various styles of theme templates with inspiration, like general, thumbnail and numeric. What’s more attractive is that you can set the number of rows and columns of the thumbnails as you like.

Also added are other enhancements like password protection, more themed templates & transition effects(we got the suggestions from users who submitted the Online Survey), customize motion effect (lots of users are keen on this).

Want to experience the brand-new Flash Slideshow Builder 4.0? Try it FREE from
More details are available at our new website

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2008 Get Together in Beijing Olympic

China is one of the four great ancient civilizations . In Marco Polo's travel book, it was described as a heaven where people live in peace and work in contentment. 2008 Olympic will be held in Beijing, which is the capital of China. Now the whole world are concerning about China. During this holiday, I visit Beijing from afar. I only have a camera with me. Beijing is magic. The Great Wall likes huge dragon across the horizon.
The palace museum is a grand place where the emperor live. It is the great quintessence of Chinese architecture.
I live in a Chinese family during those days, I find them very friendly and kind. I eat Chinese food and dress in Chinese clothes.
I have a wonderful time in China, I love China very much. I am looking forward to visiting China again in 2008, let us get together in Beijing Olympic.
When I leave China, It is too hard to say goodbye. After I go back home, I pick some memorable pictures and make a DVD slideshow, which record my whole travel in China.
Now China is a very prosperous and advanced country. Every family has TV and computer with broad band. I send my DVD slideshow which can be played on TV to them as a gift. Although I can put my slideshow on my youTube and myspace, only a few my Chinese friends know it.
Statement: Some pictures above are not mine. I just copy them from somewhere.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Show off Your imagination on Your Apple iPod Slideshow

Show off Your imagination on Your Apple iPod Slideshow
With the advancement of technology, our life become more and more colorful. Especially many cute and powerful digital products have brought a lot of fun to our life. Apple iPod is probably one of the most popular digital device, do you want to show off your imagination on your apple iPod, especially when you expect to treasure up the precious moment and share your joy and fun with your friends or family? I am a digital product enthusiast and ever used a good tool called Wondershare iPod Slideshow, which is a powerful slideshow making tool but easy to use. If you are interested, check out the tutorial below.

Step1: Download iPod Slideshow from
then install and run it.

Step2: Add your photos and videos quickly
Click button “Photo&Video” to activate the file browse window, select one or more media files in the pop-up window and then click button. All the photos or videos will be ready soon.
Step3: Edit your photos and videos easily
○ Edit photo
There are five edit functions to edit your artwork. You can crop your photos, add text, clipart and photo effect just click the right button.
○ Edit Video
Double click on a video file thumbnail, you can trim your video and add video effect. Further, you can record your voice and then edit it.
Step4: show off your artwork with magic effects
○ Transition Effect
Click Effect Thumbnail to activate effect configuration window.
In the effect configuration window, make further settings as follow.
○ Ken Burns Effect
Click the pentagram on the photo or video thumbnail to activate effect configuration window. Then effect configuration window will slide out from the right edge of the application.

Step5: surprise your output
○ Now you almost complete your artwork. Take a preview first.
○ Click tab “make” to open output setting window.
The bigger resolution value you choose, the higher video quality you will get, but the file size will be larger. CD (44.1 kHz) is a higher audio quality for sample rate and radio (22.05 kHz) is a normal audio quality. You can select "Save to iPod" to transfer the output mp4 file to your iPod directly.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creative Wondershare Photo Collage Studio V3.0

I enjoy my life very much, so I often keep my wonderful moments by digital camera. But how can I make my memories colorful and share them conveniently with my distant families and friends?

Recently I find a good helping hand——Photo Collage Studio. It is an easy and creative software that designed for making stunning collages and scrapbooks, now upgraded to Ver3.0 based on the survey and users'request!

Photo Collage Studio let you easily and effectively to design miscellaneous scrapbooks, with 100+ professionally designed templates and collage layouts, together with more beautiful photo frames, cliparts, stamps, wordart or special effects. You can also fully present your inspiration by using magic doodle drawing tool to create your own cliparts. In addition to scrapbook building, Photo Collage Studio allows you to print the high-quality scrapbook, make personalized desktop wallpapers, even share with your families and friends via email.

Magic doodle drawing is my best favorite. This erasable sketchpad tool can let me have an unique experience by using pencil, brush, magic stick to create your own custom, colorful illustrations, which will fully show my creativity. Also add more colorful free resource, such as professional designed templates, layouts, cliparts, photo frames, wordarts, stamps, will give me more choose and satisfy more my needs. High quality prints and new added page layout setting ability will help me create beautiful prints on one page, or across several pages.

Fun and wonderful start now from
The official website is

This is my digital collage or scrapbook maded by Creative Wondershare Photo Collage Studio V3.0