Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wondershare Announces a complete photo creative suite for people to cherish home fun memories

Jan. 24, 2008 – Wondershare Software Inc. will introduce a complete solution for people who want to make their family fun with media files, such as digital photos/videos/music. This photo creative suite will meet the needs of all levels to turn their digital photos into something truly special. With this complete photo creative suite, people can:

Make DVD home movies playable on TV: Combine the photos, videos and music to create stunning DVD slideshows and home movies with DVD Slideshow Builder. Share the best memories with friends and family on DVD, PC, mobile devices and more!

Print out memorable photo collages: To choose a stylish pre-designed templates and then drop in the photos, elaborate with clip arts, photo frames and texts, making a personalized Invitation Card, Calendar, Photo Book, etc. has never been so easy with Photo Collage Studio.

Share compelling masterpiece on Web: Making flash photo gallery, flash presentation, flash photo album, etc. is the best choice to share on the Internet with Flash Slideshow Builder. Just pick out from various styles of flash gallery templates and combine the photos with music, all work will be done in just minutes.

For giving their users a unique way to find just the right programs, Wondershare prepare lots of stuff listed on their website. The useful information people can get from Wondershare website includes:
Samples: There are over 20 samples which are all made with Photo Creative Suite. People are easy to know how good they can do with the programs.

Free Templates: Wondershare designs plenty of professional looking templates for all kinds of use, such as photo collage, flash photo gallery, DVD menu, etc. If people are not satisfied with the pre-designed templates, just customize their own ones with creativity.

Tutorials: Large amount of tutorials ranges from “how to take better photos” to “make a DVD home movie”, “print out a photo collage”, etc. Wondershare offers a complete solution to preserve their home fun moments.

"This complete photo creative suite is the next step in our strategy of offering exceptional products at a reasonable price for specific audiences," said Jane Liu, sales manager of marketing for Wondershare Photo Software Division. "The solution is made for the population of creative individuals without the time or inclination to master complex products, but who nevertheless have the desire to imbue their photos with creativity."

Availability and Pricing
The price of Photo Creative Suite will be $89.95, which is 30% off from regular. For more detailed information about features, samples, tutorials please visit:

About Wondershare Inc.
Wondershare, Inc. established in 2003, is an industry-leading provider of multi-media applications to consumers, business and education institutions globally. Combining the innovation and technological perfection, the company ¡s offerings span presentation authoring tools, digital photography kit, and mobile video facility. Now they’ve announced this powerful Photo Creative Suite to meet people’s everyday, creative and professional needs of digital photos/videos.

Jane Liu, sales manager of Photo Software DivisionWondershare Software Co., Ltd.
+86-755-86219286 Ext.:655

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fabulous Valentine Collage Templates for Expressing Love

Good news! For giving scrapbooking lovers best gifts for this Valentine's Day, Wondershare has released a series of Valentine Collage Templates with brand-new Photo Collage Studio Version 4.2.8. Besides adding lots of Valentine Collage Templates, you can also find a new calendar template including 12 months and other improvements such as optimizing photo editing operation in the new version.

Here are a suit of Valentine Collage Template thumbnails with four pages. If you like, you can download the latest Photo Collage Studio V4.2.8 (software for making photo collage or digital scrapbook) and have try.

Valentine's Day is fast coming. Why not make a personalized Valentine collage for your sweetheart like the one below to say "I Love U" and express yourself? Open your honey's heart with a photo collage showcasing your happy moments now!

Download and Have fun from:

Want to have a glance of more fabulous collage templates? Just visit:

Thursday, January 03, 2008

How to remove red eye for your digital photos

It always happens, the snapshot you took of your family has got the dreaded red-eye, but don't worry, with a few simple steps in Photoshop this can easily be remedied.

On your layers palette click on the 'Create New Layers' icon to create a new empty layer above the background layer.

From the blend modes drop down menu in the layers palette select Color as shown above.

Make sure that Black is the foreground colour in the tool box, or press D on the keyboard to restore the default colours. Call up the Airbrush (short cut J) and select a small soft edge brush (see below) roughly about the same size as the red-eye.

Using the Zoom tool (shortcut Z) to get right in close to your subject or using Ctrl + Spacebar, you can now start painting out the red-eye with the airbrush. The great thing about this technique is that it doesn't effect the catchlights which are so important as shown below.

Here is the finished image you'll see. Now using these fixed photos to make your own DVD home movies, flash photo album and photo collages with photo creative suite.