Sunday, October 09, 2011

Adobe provides Flash converter in HTML5

As Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, Adobe will he kill his own creation, pampered for years, the Flash format? In any case, suggests that its latest initiative, unveiled yesterday. Appointed WallabyThis utility allows you to convert Flash files (format. FLA) in HTML5. No less.

The announcement, made in a relatively discreet, sounds like some sort of response - albeit a little late - the refusal of Steve Jobs to incorporate Flash technology into theiPhone and theiPadAnd just as an act of allegiance to those who revile Flash and HTML5 is the only viable option. Perhaps the beginning of a historic turning point for the web.

Specifically, for those who have little to do with these considerations and geeks who just want access to an entire web that works on all terminals, recall that the Flash is supported by 98% of computers worldwide, and can play videos, animations, games and other types of sites, as also the rich e-commerce applications. A format called "owner" and "closed" because it belongs to a private company and that the source code of applications developed with is not visible or accessible. It also criticizes Flash to consume much CPU resources, to heat the PC and quickly drain the batteries of phones. This is half true and depends mainly on applications.
A web without Flash multimedia, soon a reality?

In short, when we surf we made the Flash all day without knowing it. The new HTML5 standards being defined should ultimately obviate the need for Flash with all the benefits that entails: need a plugin to run animations, and especially compatibility with all modern web browsers on all terminals, either on PC, mobile or tablet. This is not the case today: a site such as Deezer iPad is inaccessible and does not on other Android smartphones (from version 2.2). Which leads to a paradox a bit absurd: all websites whose operation requires Flash PC are forced to propose a specific application for mobile, which is not really in the sense of a single standard type webapp and interoperability advocated by ... Anti-Flash. The gossips say also that if as many applications on the App Store is largely because, as the iPhone and iPad are not compatible with Flash, which would a way for Steve Jobs to protect its ecosystem. But they are gossips, eh :-)

Adobe has released a first version of Wallaby, currently experimental and intended for developers. Its functionality is currently rather limited, but Adobeva work to improve and complete the program. Wallaby exports for the moment that the elements of a Flash project and uses HTML and CSS and a JavaScript library for rendering. The programming language in Flash, ActionScript, is currently not supported.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Document sharing website Scribd using HTML5

Document sharing website Scribd using HTML5

The document sharing services like Scribd and SlideshareWhich can easily publish and share business presentations, white papers and transcripts of conferences suffered from original sin: they used Flash for integration into a web page, a bit like a YouTube.

And Flash is not compatible with mobile or shelves (except Android 2.2 and more, I repeat every time because otherwise it makes me always note), the huge information base provided by these sites n ' was available on a desktop PC. This is a little bundle at the time of the mobile web and theiPad.

Scridb, Which had already started working on the issue in recent months, just update your site Now offering the availability of all presentations hosted in HTML5. A gigantic work of conversion given that Scribd hosts something like twenty million documents.

This change makes at once the full sources available either on smartphone, even if alternative solutions to be sent in different formats compatible were already available.

I a presentation,replacing the code by the Flash code interpreting the HTML5 (via iframe) and if it works fine on PC, it is unfortunately not the case on my iPad: if the presentation is identical and zoom operations, the navigation function in the pages via the up / down does not work, page numbers are displayed but the presentation is stuck on the first page, at least at home.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Convert flv files

Convert your flv files

WonderShare wmv converter for windows is a video converter that makes it possible to burn 100% compatible movies that are readable on all the most popular devices. It’s very quick, user-friendly nature makes it a go-getter. You can easily convert videos and also extract audios with this converter, to all well known formats. Indeed this converter lets you convert multiple audio/video files at a go. You may use it to extract audio sounds from videos with wma, wav, mp3, etc. extensions. It goes without saying that it also converts flv files from any format to any other.

Considering the high standard of this converter, it is but normal to expect high quality videos. With its free trial version, it seems to be a worthy deal. The user manual is quite easy to follow, however flv conversion can be done with a lot more ease should the user have a few tricks and tips for the process. You may have downloaded a video online but are unable to read it with your own device, be it an iphone or an ipad. It will therefore be invaluable to grab some tips on how to convert your freshly downloaded video to your preferred format.

For this conversion, I would recommend the WonderShare converter, with which you can carry out this task with relative ease and with as little time as possible, all with outstanding results.

First begin by downloading, installing and then running the WonderShare converter on your machine. Follow this by adding flv files using the ‘file’ option. Select the output format you will want; mp3, avi, etc. Click to start the conversion of the file. During this process you can easily split big files with flv extensions. It is also possible to edit, crop, and add effects (brightness, saturation and contrast) to your videos, while previewing all effected changes on the video. The software also gives leeway to easily clip (to set the start and end times) and trim your freshly made video as often as possible.

The interface is very user friendly and as such, the operation is simplified to the maximum for beginners and also features advanced options for specialists. Nearly all the options on this software are customizable.

Notwithstanding, there are other options to convert files online as you may be well aware. All you will need to do is just to click on the ‘Browse’ button and then select the file. Select an input and output format, and do not alter the default settings. Click on ‘ok’, wait while the file is being converted then download when it is done.

Media conversion can be as easy as ABC so have fun while you convert your flv files!!! Cheers

Friday, July 08, 2011

Free PDF Editro Review

Most Operation System is equipped with Adobe Reader. With adobe reader, you can view and in most cases edit any PDF file. The only limitation is when the file is encrypted, then adobe reader will only be allowed to display the file, but unable to edit the file. But even though you can edit the PDF file, most likely you can only print the form, but won’t be able to save it into your hard disk. To save the changes made in the PDF files, you will need different software. The most common software that enables you to save the edited version of the PDF file would be Adobe acrobat which will probably cost you around $ 500 to purchase. Is there no other way? Yes there is
Basically you have two solutions. The first option would be to use PDF Editor on the internet which usually would be free. PDF escape is one of this PDF editor software available online. The second option would be to download a PDF converter, which allows you to change the format into more acceptable and common form such as MS Office’s Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. We will discuss these options deeper as we continue.
PDF escape is a free of charge web based PDF editor program that works on windows platform. All you need is an active internet browser with Java Script enabled. Any browser would work just fine, whether it’s internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, or even the newer Google chrome. It is actually have sophisticated features that allow you to edit, fill form, arrange page, print and save the file. This software provides online storage, but only for a short amount of time.
Because this software is web based, you will need internet connection to run the program. The interface is actually quite similar with adobe acrobat. Editing tools specifically are quite helpful. You can add text and shapes, arrange pages, link another web address into the page, create new forms, and using the whiteout you can edit any existing object on the page. Afterward, you can save the file, print it, or share it to any online account. Since it’s done online, it’s easier to link the file into your email.
The only weakness of PDF escape is when you are connected through a slow internet connection. This will slow your work with the risk of losing your data if the connection is terminated unexpectedly. This is where the second option which is to use PDF converter comes in better.
PDF converter such as AnyBizSoft allows you to convert any PDF files into any form that you are most capable and comfort for editing. Basically this software allows you to convert PDF files in 1.0 – 1.7 format into MS Office Word, Excel or PowerPoint. With no restriction even on encrypted PDF files, you can easily convert a PDF file, and afterward, you can edit these files.
As this software is independent, you don’t need to have Adobe Reader, adobe Acrobat, or even MS Office to run the program. Basically this software is all you need to edit any PDF file you wanted, the way you wanted. And remember there is no risk of losing your work due to slow connection of the internet.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WMV Format


A WMV file is a video in the Windows Media Video format created by Microsoft. A WMV file format comprises both audio and video data, compressed to be broadcast in streaming, like MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. There are several versions of the WMV format such as WMV HD or VC-1, recognized as a de facto standard for the audiovisual industry. To play a video in WMV format, simply use a media player such as Windows Media Player, or its equivalent free VLC Player. However, for files that are not in WMV format, it will be necessary to convert first before being able to read.

Convert video to WMV format
In fact, there are two solutions:
Solution A: Use Windows MovieMaker to open your video clip and do the necessary installations (where applicable). MovieMaker comes with Windows XP, so no download is required. Once assembling is complete, you will then export the sequence. MovieMaker will not ask you the export format as it can only export WMV.

Solution B: Use Super. This is free software that converts video formats. It is very effective, simple and complete.

Personally, I recommend option 2 since we will be using a Mac to read the newly converted video. Now its time to play that video;

Play WMV files on your Mac

Many people always ask me how to play WMV files, i.e. the video format of Windows on a Mac running Mac OS X. So far, the only possible way was to use Windows Media Player for the Mac version of Microsoft's video player, which is pretty damn bad. Different software from the free software world offer a more efficient alternative. Among them, the Mplayer reader which is quite common under Linux, and available in multiple versions among which there is an excellent version for Mac OS X. This software reads Mpeg, Avi, Quicktime, Real, DivX, 3ivx, Ogg, and of course, WMV.
Lots of people may prefer VLC (VideoLan), it is more ergonomic, and also available for different platforms and compatible with multiple audio and video formats, including WMV. Finally, another program, the fantabulous Flip4Mac, once installed, allows you to play WMV files on Quicktime Player. It is now being distributed by Microsoft.

Only problem is, these programs are unable to read WMV3 encoded files with the latest version of Windows Media. In this case, it is better to try with a Windows Media Player for Mac; or, if you are often confronted with this problem, install a Windows emulator such as VirtualPC for Mac, Wintel, Q (adapted from QEMU) or iEmulator. Then and only then will it be possible for you to use your Mac as a Windows PC.

Finally, do not expect miracles with WMV files that are protected by a certificate: they simply can not be played. It is only possible to read when you use a Windows emulator (or a PC with Windows) and accept the proposed certificate.

To take advantage of other video formats, the solution is to install Perian, which presents itself as the "Swiss knife" of codecs for Quicktime. It is a component that, once installed in the Quicktime, Quicktime Player can read AVI, FLV, 3ivx, DivX, Flash Screen Video, MS-MPEG4, Sorenson H.263, VP6 Truemotion and Xvid files. Combined with Filp4Mac, Perian is expected to support a lot of video formats.

NB: you will need to sort out the old components, as shown on the home page of Perian. Finally, some users report compatibility problems when opening a video in Safari. There are online shops that propose excellent software solutions.