Saturday, April 28, 2007

3 Ways to Spring Surprises for Mom

Annual Mother’s Day is again on May 13th, 2007. What’s your gift idea this year for mummy? No ideas? Well, it’s never too late to think of that now, and I’m sure you could make it perfect after reading this article. Yes, nothing special, just show mummy how much you love her! There’s a saying, God could not be everywhere and therefore be made mothers. Even nothing you pick, don’t forget to have a dinner with her or only make a call, regardless how busy you are.

1. Buy Mom a Bunch of Carnations
Carnations are chosen to represent the sweetness, purity and endurance of mother love. Pink carnations are the symbol of a mother's undying love; White indicate pure love and good luck; Striped symbolize a regret that a love cannot be shared; Light red carnations represent admiration, while dark red denote deep love and affection.
As the mother’s flower, it’s also because carnation was the favorite of Anna Jarvis’ mother’s. Then why not pick your mother’s fond flowers as gift?

2. Prepare Her Favorite Meal
You know mummy packs meals 7 days a week, so, on this special holiday for mothers, please make her mouthwatering from breakfast to dinner. Treat your mother something she will never forget. But first of all, you need to find out what mom craving.
For my mother, I’ll prepare the delicious dishes follow this recipe:
Breakfast – A glass of orange juice, Pineapple sauce pancakes and Bake sausage;
Lunch – Ham and beans, Cheese soup, Vegetable salad and Creamy Tomato Pasta;
Dinner - Champagne, Smoked Sausage, Bagel pizza, fruit salad and a Chinese seafood Casserole.

3. Make Mom a From-Heart-Gift
In the past year, you should have a lot of treasure memory with mom, and snap it with camera. Therefore, it’s time to share and show the mom she’s special. Certainly, you could ask your dad for help, yes, family members love to make homemade gifts together, I know.
Here are ideas for a from-heart-gift.
Mother’s Day e-card
Pick some pictures, write down the words, such as, “Mommy, I love you!” or “Thank you, mom”, etc. and make some decoration.
Flash picture album
It must be interesting to design a flash picture album, since each album tells a full story. And a stunning flash album would make mothers fondle admiringly. Yep, do remember to add pieces of background music to spicy it up.

Some tools available for a homemade gift:
Wondershare Flash Slideshow Suite,
Google Picasa,
Greeting Cards,
Some songs maybe you’ll like for mothers:
Thank you mom by Good Charlotte; Mama by Spice Girls; A song for mama by Boyz 2 Men; Mother of mine by Cathy Ryan; Hey mama by Kayne west; Everything I do by Christina Aguilera

Last but not least, best wishes for all the mothers.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mother's Day - A Baby in Mother's Embrace

Surffing the net, I found this interesting image, and would to share here for celebrating the coming Mother's Day.

I recalled the day when I was little and in my mother's Embrace.

A baby in mother's embrace P1040235

Mother's day ideal gift

May 13, 2007 is mother's day in United States and Canada this year, a day when we pay tribute to the women who gave us life. For most of us our mother holds a special place in our hearts for the love and sacrifices she has contributed to our lives over the years.

Mother is undoubtedly the most beautiful and lovable word in any language. This goes to show the importance of mother in our lives. Mother stands for millions of things she gives to her children; it also stands for sacrifices pain, grief and sorrows which she has to undergo to keep her children happy and secure. Therefore, It's an occasion when we express our love and respect that we have for our mothers.

This year, give the mom in your life a gift that show you care and love her with all your heart., Surprise your Mom and/or Grandma by personalizing a gift. This is a sure way to speak right to her heart. What is a unique and ideal gift? Flowers and chocolates? Diamond Earrings? A vintage watch? Or maybe Gift Basket?

Personally, turn her favorite shot into a unforgettable gift is potentially awesome one. So, once you have gathered the memories with mothers-those incredible moments of surprise, joy and hilarity, let us share it with our mothers again.

Wondershare Photo Collage Studio is your ideal option for photo collage/ scrapbook creating. It's a digital scrapbooking utility that assembles favorite photos into an artistic compilation. Besides elegant pre-designed scrapbook templates, layouts and powerful function of customizing your own scrapbook, you will surely enjoy the fun and innovative utility for making great photo scrapbooks quite easily with more than 200 photo frames, special mask effects, and rich Cliparts, Wordarts or Text. And each masterpiece can be save as JPG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP format, then share it via e-mail, wallpaper, or be printed over and over again! Drag, drop and go!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Mother's Day Gift Idea: A Mother's Day Slideshow Production

For more details about Mother's Day, you may access How to make a special Mother's Day Slideshow

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Now is the time to start planning for that perfect Mother’s Day gift. Not the same old thing this year! Say, "I love you!" by showing your mom how much you care and how truly special she is with a "Mother’s Day Slideshow".

Mother’s Day is that special day of the year that is set aside to remind us to show our mom’s how wonderful they are and how much we care about them. Mother’s are always doing special things for their children to show how much they love them. Mother’s hug us and hold us, they cook for us, clean for us, care for us when we’re sick, they listen to us with interest – even when we’re boring them, they help us with almost anything, they’re always there for us when we need them… they are the most self-less people on earth.

This Mother’s Day, instead of just the traditional flowers, candy or a dinner out, treat mom to a sentimental gift of love. A beautiful Mother’s Day slideshow showing how much you love and appreciate her. Gather up your favorite photos of mom, poems, letters, newspaper clippings, video clips, and favorite songs. Then send them to a professional slideshow production company such as Sands of Time Multimedia Creations and take your mom on a beautiful heartfelt trip down memory lane. Add some personal comments through voiceovers and you will have a Mother’s Day gift that your mom is sure to love and cherish for the rest of her life.

What kind of photos do you choose? Photos of you and your mom together doing things, pictures of your mom and all your siblings, pictures of mom and dad together, pictures of your mom and her grandchildren, pictures of your mom and her mom, pictures of your mother and her friends, photos of your mom doing the things she loves most, etc… And choose a couple of your favorite video clips of your mom. Maybe add some old poems you wrote to your mom when you were young. And to top it off gather everyone together and add a personal message through a video clip. Or if everyone lives in different states you can have them video themselves and send the video clips directly to the slideshow production company, or you can tape their voice over the phone and we can add it as a voice over in the slideshow production while their photos are being displayed.

There are so many things you can do to make a slideshow beautiful, personal, unique, sentimental, and the best gift mom will ever receive. Why wait? Treat your mom to something really special while you still can. I wish I still could, but a sudden turn of events took my mother, who was only 48 years old, away very quickly. Life is full of uncertainties. Don’t put off another year what you can do this year. Show your mother how very special she is to you and how very much you appreciate her with a Mother’s Day slideshow production.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

DVD Slideshow Builder V2.6 released - Vista Compatibility

Apr. 23rd, 2007 – Wondershare Inc., the global award-winning provider of multimedia software for digital photographic & video and more, today released DVD Slideshow Builder Ver2.6, which is compatible with Windows Vista™.

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is very powerful and popular now, many users like it very much. It's very easy to create a customized DVD slideshow with photos and videos, and to add music, transitions, and cool pan/zoom effects and make beautiful DVD menus. Also, you can create .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .3gp movies from videos in other formats for our iPod, Zune and 3GP Cell Phones, Youtube .etc.

What's more important, it has great photo and video editing function that can meet all our needs. For example, you can perfect your photos with attractive frames, special mask effects, and rich Cliparts, Wordarts or Text. And it is easy to crop music to sync with slideshow. You can use the video edit function to trim the video, add the caption and frame to the video, and change the original audio with your favorite music, etc.

With the great upgrade of DVD Slideshow Builder, customers who update the system to Windows Vista can keep enjoying making awesome slideshows and sharing them on TV, iPod, Zune, etc. Besides, this upgrade version has integrated crop, filter and other photo edit functions, optimized the interface of preferences, guide to create new project and audio edit function, etc. Also, it is FREE for all registered users of Ver2.x. It's certainly exciting news for all users of DVD Slideshow Builder. I am sure that every user can get more from the important upgrade.

Tip for Flash Slideshow Builder Publish Setting

Some friends are confused about the publish setting. Hence, I'd like to make a simple introduction about that.

Slideshow Setting
For a personal slideshow, it is ok no matter how large the slideshow is. However, if you would like to share it on website, blog or Myspace, size should be taken to consideration. Besides, I would strongly recommend to keep aspect ratio, for a better quality.

Play Control
Control bar is available suppose you choose a general template, and there are some different styles for choices.
"Replay" button is very important in the case you don't need it to loop again and again.

Preloader, in my opinion, it is really an innovation option for a picture slideshow. Since you make it more professional and outstanding.

To protect your copyright, so you can customize a watermark on your slideshow, no matter a text link or an image one. What's more, it brings vistors from the slideshow to your website.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Move to a New Office!

Greetings, everybody!

From today on, Lookaa will work in a new office, with better working environment, larger worktable and everything new!

Please say Congratulations to Lookaa! :)

Learn more about us?

Established in 2002, Wondershare software is dedicated in developing innovative multimedia Windows applications for individuals and businesses.

Wondershare’ strength lies in the in-depth knowledge of digital photo manipulation, owning a number of authorized digital video and audio technology. Combined with extensive product line, Wondershare has successfully launched a series of multimedia applications that are robust and powerful, winning tons of customers all over the world.

In the aims of better satisfying our customer, Wondershare also brings out its powerful Customer Service Center, offering quality help and prompt response.

Wondershare’s Vision: Become the global leading provider of Multimedia Applications.
Wondershare’s Slogan: Wondershare Colors Your Digital Life.

Monday, April 16, 2007

How to Create Your Memorable Photo Slideshow

A photo slideshow should be an artwork of your memories and emotions which can be captured in a photograph. But it is a great challenge to create an effective and memorable slideshow. To make slideshow awesome, you should make it to be appropriate for the setting; the elements in the slideshow should be coherent to each other and fitting to theme. Below are the four parts of creating your memorable photos slideshow which may help you a lot. They are choose the proper slideshow software, collect the photos and videos, make photo slideshow with special effect and choose the way to share photo slideshow.

Choose the proper slideshow software
The first thing you need is slideshow software. Be sure to pick one that gives you a lot of flexibility. People will be fussy about what it looks like, and so should you when creating your own! There are many free programs that can help you get the job done. If you're using a Mac, you can produce slide shows with iPhoto, which comes free with all Macs sold in the past few years. If you have a legal version of windows XP, you can get a free program, Microsoft Photo Story 3 for Windows XP. Photo Story makes it easy to add special effects such as transitions, panning and sounds. And Picasa is also free software download from Google that helps you organize all the photos on your computer; edit your photos with a few simple clicks and share your photos with others through email, prints and on the web.

If you want to get some more professional results, you’d better to buy the powerful software. It is hard to find the proper one from so many similar programs. ProShow Gold is a great choice. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder is also one that is very good. Wondershare apparently has more options as far as implementing video, while ProShow is more focused on photos. Both are capable of photo and video, however. ProShow also enables you to host your videos online through them for free, and Wondershare provides many different options for format such as MP4 for iPod, WMV for Zune, AVI for youtube, etc. ProShow Gold runs at around 70 USD, where as Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder costs 50 USD. Check out their websites for more information on both, but I recommend Wondershare and I use it for my work. Besides the most popular software above, there are also some other ones, such as Ulead CD & DVD Pictureshow, MemoriesOnTV, Arcsoft DVD Slideshow, etc. They are all good at some aspects and better than most of the similar software.

Collect the photos and videos
Then you need to collect photos and videos that are of much importance for the photo slideshow. And the collecting step varies from slideshow to slideshow, depending on who you do the slideshow for. If you do it for you or your family, you should pull out of all the photos and videos that mean something to every family member. You should make everyone to share their photos and videos. If you also do it for someone outside the family, you need to get photos and videos from them. It is easy if they only give you the photos and videos they want to be in the slideshow.
If not, you have to go through the photos and videos they give and pick out the ones you think that are of much meaning for them.

Once you have all of the photos and videos, you will need to put them in order. Chronological order is a great way to organize family photos. If you do the slideshow for someone else, asking them who know what order will be most effective to help you with the order will be a wise choice. If the slideshow is acting as your portfolio, it is better to group the photos and videos both by subject and by quality. The same rule applies to photos and videos as it does to writing: finish with your strongest. So put what you consider your weakest set first, and finish with the strongest set. The end is what people remember the best.

Make photo slideshow with special effect
Next, you can perfect the photos and videos by editing them with various special effects. You can use kinds of frames, masks and clipart to make photos more attractive, add text to give the photos some funny descriptions and edit the photos with pan/zoom effect, etc. You can use the video edit function to trim the video, add the caption and frame to the video, and change the original audio with your favorite music, etc. Once you have your photos and videos in place with great effects, you are on to the step which is transition effect and video effect. You can easily to add the pre-designed effect such as zoom and rotation to the video or just customize video effect at ease. You should remember that transitions should be simple, smooth, and quick. Anything else will be distracting and is at high risk of appearing tacky.

Music is the next step. It will never be too more to emphasize the importance of the music in a slideshow. You should make sure that the music does not take away from the slideshow, but complement it. For example, if your grandparents asked you to make a slideshow, would you put the Hip-Pop music in it? No, you wouldn’t. It will be better to make a piano playing in the background of a slideshow. Soft music is a must for the family memory. If you make slideshows for some triumphant party, the inspiring music will be better. I’m not a big music listener, so ask someone else if you can’t find the right music. After you choose the proper music, you have to edit it such as cropping it to sync with slideshows, making sound effect such as fade in/fade out, etc.

Choose the way to share photo slideshow
The last step is creating a final product. With most programs, you have several options to choose from. You could make a DVD to play on TV. If you do this, you have to make DVD menu which you can make easily from various attractive pre-designed DVD menu templates or just customize your own one. You could make videos in different format such as MP4, WMV, 3GP, which are ideal for the popular mobile devices such iPod, Zune, 3GP cell phone. Then you can enjoy the slideshows on the go. Also, you could make videos in WMV, AVI format which you can upload to youtube and other online share sites. It is a great option for that you can access it from wherever you present and share it with the friends all over the world. Which option you choose? It’s up to you and your needs.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Flash Slideshow Builder - Vista™ Compatibility

Apr. 10th, 2007 – Wondershare Inc., the global award-winning provider of multimedia software for digital photographic & video and more, today released Flash Slideshow Builder Ver3.3.1, which is compatible with Windows Vista™.

Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder excels as an easy-to-follow tool designed for creating stunning flash photo slideshow, picture presentation, flash picture gallery, and also music greeting e-cards without any flash script skills.

With the power of interactive Flash Slideshow Builder, you can make all your ideas of digital pictures more creative and share! It helps you easily design a slideshow with eye-catch transition effects, together with background soundtrack, animated text captions, interesting sound clips and thumbnail gallery template.

"'Works with Vista' compatibility is now ready, hereby, Flash Slideshow Builder customers can look forward to keeping on experience as usual if updating the system to Windows Vista," Said Jiang, General Manager of Multimedia Software Department, "It’s certainly an exciting news for PC fans to continue using their favorite Flash Slideshow Builder on Vista. Besides, this upgrade version is FREE for all registered users of Ver3.x. What’ more significant, enjoy your stay with this innovated software!"

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Easter Egg Slideshow

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