Sunday, May 30, 2010

Flash Gallery Sample- 3D tilt Wall Flash

How to make the most attractive flash gallery for website? Creating a 3d tilt wall flash gallery and upload online is the best way. Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory may help you to make such flash photo gallery with simple steps.

The key features of Flash Gallery Factory are:
Providing 60+ free flash gallery templates including 25+ free 3d flash templates;
Enable custom background image and background color;
Various output formats including swf, HTML, ext, screensaver, etc;
Enable upload your slideshow on website for sharing with more people.
3D tilt Wall Flash

Click thumbnails to zoom to large images
Click large images to zoom to thumbnails
Move left/right
Use scroll button below or click and drag mouse left and right
Including previews and next play key in the right top
Text description
Enable to add image caption and image description above photos
Mouse over on the photos to see image caption and description
Simple steps for making 3d tilt wall flash:
  • Step 1: Import your digital photos and background music(optional) to the flash gallery creator;
  • Step 2: Select template for your 3d flash gallery;
  • Step 3: Publish your 3d flash gallery as swf, HTML, etc, formats as you like;
  • Step 4: Upload your 3d flash gallery on website.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Graduation Flash Slideshow with Music

No clue for a graduation gift? No new idea for gruaduation party?

Create your graduation photo slideshow on DVD is a great way to share those special moments in life.You can make a graduation DVD slideshow with
DVD Slideshow Software in short time. Imagine all of your friends and family watching your favorite graduation photos playing on a TV. Isn't a happy memoment?

If you need more resource about the graduation slideshow ideas 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Homemade Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation is an exciting time for anyone, whether it's a high school graduation or a college graduation. If you'd like to give someone a graduation gift, but don't have a lot of money, you may consider making a homemade graduation gift.

Things You'll Need:

  • Pictures
  • Scrapbook
  • CD/music
  • Frame
  • Picture
  • basket
  • Resource-
  1. A Scrapbook
    Make a scrapbook. A scrapbook is a great homemade gift for the graduate. Include pictures of the graduate from childhood through graduation. Write down personal thoughts or feelings next to the pictures. Write a personalized message for the graduate in the front of the scrapbook or in the back of the scrapbook.You can edit your photos with Picture Collage Maker
  2. Homemade Goodies
    Bake homemade goodies. Almost everyone loves homemade baked goodies. Bake up a loaf of bread, or arrange a basket full of cookies or muffins. You may want to store the baked goodies in a resealable plastic bag or in a cute container to keep them fresh. You may also put the baked goodies in a gift basket with tissue paper or paper grass.
  3. Burn a DVD
  4. I sure you keep some photos ,or you may just have a big graduation party.What's the better way to share the early days of your school experience and the exciting graduation moments? It's the graduation video. Graduation slideshow video could be memorable and is a compilation of the old videos, new graduation photos recording every detail on graduation day, and graduation songs. Burn graduation slideshow DVD and easily share through any DVD player with TV connected. Most important is that you could preserve graduation memories for a long time. It's also a good idea to send a graduation video DVD as graduation gift.
  5. Gift basket
    Create a gift basket. Fill a basket with little things, such as CDs, DVDs, candy, gift cards or other goodies you know your graduate will like. Before you add the goodies to the basket, be sure to fill the bottom with tissue paper or paper grass. You may even want to wrap each of the individual gifts.
  6. Picture Frame
    Frame a picture. Find a nice picture frame and include a recent picture of the graduate by him or herself. You may also consider choosing a picture of the graduate with his or her family. If you choose a metal frame, you can take it to a jeweler to have it engraved and personalized.
  7. Make a slideshow&sharing online
  8. If you need to watch photo album online with friends, just make a graduation photo slideshow so that you could share the show on your blog, ,facebook,Myspace and website. According to Price of Their Toys, commemorative photo items such as framed pictures or a DVD slideshow of your classmates is a touching and extremely budget-friendly gift. A similar idea is a CD with popular songs from throughout your school years.
Hope those ideas are helpful!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Top Five Worst Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so I thought it would helpful to all you people with moms if I gave a quick rundown of what not to get her for that day in honor of her. I’m not talking about macaroni necklaces or hand made cards( Mother's Day Photo Collage Giveaway )
After extensive research (okay, I asked everyone on Facebook and Twitter) I compiled a list of the top five worst ever gifts that women have received for Mother’s Day. If you have already purchased one of these gifts you have time to take it back and get something she might really like. Who am I kidding? I’ve been to Walgreens on Mother’s Day morning. You can’t walk through the card aisle because of all the men searching hopelessly for cards.
The Top Five Mother’s Day Gifts (Don’t get these)
1. The You’re-Not-My-Mom non gift.
Men who make the mistake of giving this gift usually only give it once. They are so scarred from the after effects of giving this gift that it never happens again. If you have managed to receive this gift and remained married, most gifts following this one are pretty good. Guys, you are right, she isn’t your mother. She is just the woman who gave birth to your child. Cut the apron strings and get with the program.
2. Anything Automotive
Women don’t want new wiper blades and they certainly don’t want a pair of fuzzy dice, even if you found them in pink. Same goes for a new set of tires or an oil change. You should be doing these things for her anyway. The only acceptable automotive gift for a woman on Mother’s Day is a Mercedes CL65 AMG. If this is in your price range, by all means, go automotive.
3. Household Appliances
This seems to be the most popular gift and yet it is so wrong. Guys, I know you are trying to help her by getting something, anything, that might lessen her workload. It is a nice gesture but it says to the woman that you think she could do a better job cleaning if she just had the right tools. And maybe she could. If your house is filled with dust bunnies and you can’t find the dog then get her a male servant named Sven. There is one exception, besides Sven, to the no household appliances rule.
4. Cook Books/Diet Books
Because nothing says “I love you” like How to Lose 30 lbs in 30 Days or Go Make Me a Sandwich. Listen, books are great, and if you can give her an hour of peace so she can actually read the book I say go for it. Better yet, get a gift certificate to a local online bookstore so she can order what she wants. In fact get her a Kindle or an iPad so she can easily download the books she wants when she wants them. Just don’t imply that she needs to lose some baby fat or her cooking skills need a little work. You can do that some other day.
5. The Homemade Gift Certificate/Coupon Book
These are very popular gifts for Mother’s Day. However, they scream that you forgot all about Mother’s Day and threw something together at the last minute. The intent is great, you will do the dishes each night for a month, back rubs on demand, taking the kids to the park for an hour each week. We’ve all received these at one time or another. The problem is there is no follow through. There has never been any evidence in recorded history of a woman being able to successfully redeem these coupons. Skip this one unless you can gift wrap Sven.
Guys, you still have time to make this the best Mother’s Day ever. I’ve given you plenty of perfectly acceptable gift ideas that won’t get you time in the doghouse. And remember, Father’s Day follows Mother’s Day for a reason.

-from Redhead