Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holiday

Photo Collage, Christmas Scrapbook

Wondershare Inc. wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don't forget to share your photos with us!
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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Brand-new Flash SlideShow Builder 3 is Launched

Wondershare Inc., hammer at reserching and developing multimedia software for graphic & video, is proud to announce the release of award-winning Flash SlideShow Builder Ver 3 - an innovation tool for creating web photo gallery and picture presentation.

Flash SlideShow Builder 3 is packed with brand-new interface, together adds newly-design thumbnail gallery templates. Being more creative for your masterpiece, Ver 3.0 enhanced photo editing abilities, added Ken-Burns styled panning & zooming effects, offers you more creative control and output options than ever before. More details about the new key features are available from:

"The new UI make it clearer to control, just follow it step by step. Truly the complete flash slideshow for pictures - No Flash skills required." said Tobee Wu, CEO of Wondershare Inc., "With the enhanced processing bar, it can’t be any better for enterprises to set logo as the preloader. And what attracts me most are the new thumbnail gallery templates." he continued, "Wish you a excited experence with Flash SlideShow Builder 3!"

Top Reasons for checking out Flash SlideShow Builder:

  • A brand new interface with workflow enhancements.

  • Create flash slideshows with newly-added Thumbnail gallery templates.

  • More dazzling transition effects & ken burn effects.

  • Add funny sounds and voice record.

  • Customize an animated template in style with build-in Theme Designer.

  • Enhanced flash control bar and preloader.

  • Share your picture presentation in multiple ways – support FTP upload and send via e-mail.

Click the image to check the latest showcase!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wedding Collage

Photo Collage Studio V1.8.0 is on the way to release with new christmas collage templates and more clips. I can't wait to make a collage with a beta version. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

How to Create a flash slideshow for Myspace profile

What can I do to share my creative work on website, blog or Myspace when it has done?

Let ‘s learn it step by step.

Step 1: Make Flash SWF file.

Firstly, please make your Flash file (.swf) with Adobe Flash Studio or Flash Slideshow software, for example Flash Gallery Factory.

Step 2: Upload Flash SWF file to Internet.

Upload the Flash SWF file to any web hosting, and get the URL address of the Flash SWF file. If you don't have a web host, you can upload your flash file to Google Sites for FREE.

  • Open, sign in with your Gmail account. Check the option "I agree to the terms", click the button "I am ready to create my pages" below, and login.

    upload flash swf files on web hosting

  • Click "Choose File" button at the bottom, then browse and select the Flash SWf file on your local hard disk, upload it.

  • Now, the uploaded file will be listed in the "Attachments".

Now you have uploaded the Flash SWF file to Google Page, you should get the URL address of the SWF file and note it. In Internet Explorer, you can simply click the file, open it with IE, and copy the link address in the address bar. If you are using Firefox, you may right click on the file, in the popup menu, click "Copy Link Location", and get the link address. The link address should look similar to:

Step 3: Share on website, blog, or Myspace.

1. Share on webpage

Add the following code between <body></body> of your webpage:

2. Share on blog

Open your blogger editor, and switch to the "HTML" mode. Then add the
generated HTML code above to any of the sections in your post. Publish your
title and well that's done!

Add the following code to any of the sections in your post:

3. Share on Myspace

Open your Myspace profile. Then add the generated HTML code above to any
of the sections. Save the settings and well that's done!

Simply add the following code to any of the sections in your post:

For inserting slideshow into myspace blog, please switch to "html resource", copy
and paste the code below:

Replace the SWF file link "" in above
code with your own path and filename. You need to change the height and
width data too if your flash is not 800*600 in size.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite is Released

Wondershare Inc., a leading developer
of multimedia software for graphic & video editing and
more, today release Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite, which includes award-winning Flash SlideShow Builder and Flash Album Studio.

Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite is obviously an complete solution for creating professional flash picture presentation and flash web photo gallery - No flash skills required. Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder delivers creativity and easy to your flash picture slideshowing and sharing. Create customized flash slideshows with soundtracks and eye-catching effects, together with your own voice narration, text captions and photo templates. Built in, exclusive Theme Designer polishes your creativity to customize animated templates. And Wondershare Flash Album Studio creates fun-to-watch flash albums for LAZY people. Start with cool predesigned styles, and apply creative cliparts and effects to turn your show into something special. You can also show off your slideshows on your WEB, Blog and Myspace, etc.

Feature highlights in Flash SlideShow Suite Ver 2.4.0:

  • Choose animated theme templates, such as Christams, love, business, etc.

  • Create customized styles using powerful Theme Designer of Flash SlideShow Builder.

  • 200+ transition effects, multiple photo motions and photo ken burn effects.

  • More FREE templates are available to download for creating show in Flash Album Studio.

  • Templates mix meaningful themes with rich special effects for stunning results.

  • Publish as SWF, HTML or EXE file, Share & Show off as online album or on your blog.

  • Compatible with most Windows operating system - Win2K/XP/2003, and Windows Vista.