Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

I wish every our friends have a good time on Halloween. I appreciate your contributions and supports at this blogger. I hope you will have a special Halloween. Please feel free to share your joy here.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

How to Create the Lightning Effect for Photo Slideshow

When you tell a mysterious story in your slideshow, What about adding a sudden lightning with thunder? This tutorial guides you through creating the lightning effect in a breeze.

Step1 Start DVD Slideshow Builder and add a photo onto storyboard.

Step2 Right click the storyboard and insert the same photo 4 times.

Step3 Click the thumbnail of transition effect to add “Smooth Rect In” effect to each photo.

Step4 Double click the second photo thumbnail to edit photo. Click Picture effect button, select flash effect, set Radius to maximum and adjust the center with CenterX and CenterY. Do it same to the third photo.

Step5 Double click the time under the thumbnail, set 0.1 second to all the photos and transition effects, except the last photo sets 2 seconds.

Step6 Add a sound of thunder about 3 seconds as background music. You can double click the music to trim it. You’re done. The result looks like this:

This my creation:

Happy Halloween!

Take a treat to fill your basket!

Wow, imagine Halloween with all its ghosts and goblins, parties, fun traditions and the smell of fall in the air. Why not open your mind? Make a terrific movie and tell your mysterious story on TV with DVD Slideshow Builder. Moreover, create a funny flash slideshow and broadcast your joy on web with Flash Slideshow Builder. Go ahead! Design a magic collage and release your inspiration with Photo Collage Studio. Here is a treat for you!

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Happy Halloween!

Since fall is my favorite season, it's seems fitting that it's also the time of my favorite holiday. Halloween is pure fun and that is why I love it.

Halloween provides lots of creative opportunity for decorations and costumes. Halloween is a great time for food because you can try just about any recipe and if it doesn't look perfect, it doesn't really matter. Ugly, creepy things are cute at Halloween.

How are you celebrating Halloween? Have some parties? Watch horrow movies? Or out for dinner? Whatever you plan, be sure to make a flash photo album with the photo you taken and share with your family and friends.

However you celebrate and whatever you create, Happy Haunting!

Please click the image below to see the flash I create for Halloween with Flash Slideshow Builder. How do you think of it? Please advise.