Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Make a Web Page

A website consists of several Web pages, which are linked together. Before you build your own website, you need to know how to make a web page at first.
Here we'll introduce three ways to build a web page, no matter whether you have HTML knowledge or not, please read on...

Hand-code HTML Web pages in a text editor like Notepad:

Make a Web page using the language called HTML. HTML is not hard to learn. A HTML Web page consists of the page's text surrounded by various HTML tags for structuring and formatting the page. For example, you surround the text with <p> and </p> tags to create a paragraph of text:

<p> Here is a paragraph of text </p>
You can make your HTML Web pages with a text editor like Notepad, that means you type in the HTML code yourself. It is the best way because you have the most control over what you're doing.
HTML is fairly simple, and it's a good idea to learn at least a few basic tags. However if you don't have a plan to build your Web pages by typing HTML by hand, then there are some good alternatives:

Build Web pages without HTML knowledge

Use a pre-made template: WHAT IS A WEB DESIGN TEMPLATE?

A web site design template is a pre-made website design template which can be customized to reflect your company's branding. Website design templates can be found in various formats like Photoshop and HTML. Many times, these templates are compatible with HTML editors like GoLive, FrontPage, and Dreamweaver.
Web site templates can be very useful, they can be used by experienced web designers to 'jump-start' the creation of a website. They are also a way for people to put out great-looking web sites quickly with little or no knowledge of HTML and web design.

Use an HTML editor like FrontPage or Dreamweaver

HTML editors make building web pages feel like (to a certain extent) creating a document in Microsoft Word ... it's made pretty easy. But the downside is that you lose a certain amount of control of what you're doing and in some cases become dependent on the program.

How to Make Unique Graduation Invitation Cards

Whether you graduate from high school or college, you may want to host a graduation party to celebrate the lifelong milestones with all you family and friends. Meanwhile look for a creative way to invite guests to your graduation party. At this time, the personalized graduation invitation card is absolutely necessary.
So what kinds of images can be included in a creative graduation cards? Include images that represent different parts of the graduate life, perhaps from the college years, or perhaps from the graduate's life as a whole. Here are just a few ideas:
  • Photos chosen from the graduates from childhood until present (include landmarks from the graduate's hometown)
  • Photos from around campus (including photos of campus landmarks)
  • Photos of close friends and family members
  • Clip art that represents a student's interests, major, political affiliations, religious beliefs, favorite songs or movies, or other important parts of the graduate's life
  • Clip art of cats, dogs, or other favorite animals
  • Photo copies of old artifacts like elementary school report cards, awards, tickets from significant shows or sporting events, and postcards from significant vacations
  • College or university logos
To design a graduation invitation card, please follow these easy steps using Photo Collage Studio - Digital Scrapbooking Software with ready-to-use thank you and invitation card templates included.

Easy Steps to Make a Unique Graduation Invitation Card

  • Step 1: Create Photo Invitation Card from Layout
  • Step 2: Add Favorite Photos for Graduation Invitation
  • Step 3: Input Wordings for Invitation Card
  • Step 4: Print Photo Invitation Card to Send Out

Graduation Invitation Card Example (Click to enlarge)
Creative Graduation Invitation Idea
Enjoy putting together crafty invitations? Here are a few creative ideas:
  • Design the cards to look like a diploma
  • Incorporate the school colors with decorative ribbon and other creative touches
  • Decorate card with confetti, or have confetti fall out when the card is opened
  • Use graduation themed clip art and rubber stamps
After all the years of hard work to achieve your goals, customize your graduation invitations cards to reflect your accomplishment in style. Congratulations and remember never stop learning!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to Make Wedding Invitation Card Step by Step

Wedding invitations are the first view your guests will have of the style and vibe of your wedding. Make sure your invites are as personal and unique as your wedding will be, why not make one-of-a-kind wedding invitation cards by yourself. Meanwhile it is not a simple task to write the wedding invitation wordings. In this tutorial you'll learn how to design your own wedding invitation cards with ease and fun, including the wedding invitation wordings.

What You Need to Make a Custom Wedding Invitation Card

  • Your wedding photos

  • A fun and easy software to make wedding invitation cards

  • To design a wedding invitation card, please follow these easy steps using Photo Collage Studio - Digital Scrapbooking Software with ready-to-use invitation card templates included.

    Easy Steps to Make a Custom Wedding Invitation Card

  • Step 1: Create Photo Invitation Card from Layout

  • Step 2: Add Favorite Wedding Photos

  • Step 3: Input Wordings for Invitation Card

  • Step 4: Print Photo Invitation Card to Send Out

  • Advice on Wedding Invitation Wording

    Follow these simple steps for writing your wedding invitations:

    Who is Hosting of the Wedding?

    The first names your guests will see on your wedding invitation are those of the people who are paying for the event. Traditionally, this has been the bride's parents, and so it reads:

    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beazley ,


    Kate and Marvin Beazley

    If the bride and groom are hosting, then the line reads:
    Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. Sam Smith


    Together with their families,

    Jane Doe and Sam Smith

    The Request to Wedding Ceremony

    The next line in a wedding invitation is the one that requests that your guests attend.
    If your ceremony is at a place of worship, then the line should read:
    Request the honor of your presence
    at the marriage of their daughter
    Note the formal British spelling of the word "honor." The word daughter is used as an example and should be the gender of the person whose parents are hosting. If, on the other hand your ceremony is at home or other secular location, then the line should read:
    Request the pleasure of your company
    at the marriage of their daughter
    would be delighted for you to attend
    the marriage of their daughter

    If the couple is hosting:
    invite you to join us at the celebration of our marriage

    The Happy Couple

    Etiquette says that the bride should be listed first, using first and middle names only. Then the groom should be listed, using both title and middle name. So for example:
    Nora Jane
    Mr. Scott Andrew Jackson

    A more modern alternative is simply,

    Nora Beazley
    to Scott Jackson
    Some couples, especially Jewish couples, may choose to use and instead of to.

    Date and Time in Invitation Cards

    Traditionally, these are spelled out:
    Saturday, the tenth of June
    two thousand and six
    at four o'clock in the afternoon
    note that the month and day are capitalized. If it were a 4:30 ceremony, the time would read at half after four o'clock in the afternoon. But you can also write
    Saturday, June 10, 2006
    at 4 p.m.

    The Location

    If the ceremony is at a well known location, you needn't include the address
    The Museum of Fine Arts
    Houston, Texas
    but for smaller locations, or your home, you'd want to write out the address.
    The Art Club
    49 Marquis Road
    Blair, Utah

    Time for the Reception

    Let your guests know there is going to be a party. This can either be included on the wedding invitation or on a separate reply card. On the wedding invitation, it would read
    Reception to follow at the Briar Hills Country Club
    If you're not serving a full meal, it is nice to let guests know. You might write:
    And afterwards for cocktails and cake in the Rose Room.
    Dessert and dancing to follow
    A separate reception card is often good to use if the ceremony and reception are in different places, or the reception doesn't immediately follow the ceremony. It might read something like
    8 o'clock
    Parker Grand Hotel
    342 Allen Road
    Pike, Oregon

    Get Them to RSVP

    Traditionally, R.S.V.P. was written on the invitation, and guests knew to reply on their own stationary. Now, most couples find that they get responses more promptly if they include a separate reply card.
    This can be mostly blank, allowing guests to write a note, with a line such as:

    The favor of a reply is requested before the first of June

    Or it can be more detailed, such as
    Please reply before the first of June
    _________Will attend
    _________Will not attend

    You might also write:

    Number of people in party_____

    Optional details

    Optional details include telling your guests what to wear. Strictest etiquette tells you not to include information about attire on your invitation, but I think this is an outdated opinion. Guests appreciate clues about how to dress, and are not as instinctively knowledgeable as they used to be. To avoid someone showing up in blue jeans, include a line such as: Black Tie
    Other options: Semi-formal, cocktail attire, festive attire, creative black tie, white tie, black tie optional, dressy casual, informal.

    Monday, September 13, 2010

    How to Embed Flash Slideshow to Windows Live Spaces

    Windows Live Spaces is a free social networking platform for you to publish your blogs and share photos with more people. Want to make your Spaces to be different from others, why not embed your Flash slideshow SWF file to Windows Live Spaces.

    Step 1: Make Flash Slideshow for Your Spaces
    Firstly, please make an impressive flash slideshow which will be diaplayed on your Windows Live Spaces, here we recommend an easy-to-use web photo gallery maker Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory. Comparing to other flash slideshow maker, it provides many built-in free flash slideshow templates, with which you can make very professional flash slideshow without any flash programming knowledge.
    See how to make a slideshow or watch flash slideshow samples created by Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory on Win.
    Note: If you are a Mac user, click here to learn more about making your flash photo gallery on Mac step by step.

    Step 2: Upload Flash Slideshow to Internet and Get SWF URL
    Upload the Flash SWF file to any web hosting, and get the URL address of the Flash SWF file. If you don't have a web host, you can upload your flash file to Google Sites or Wondershare Online Album for FREE.

    Step 3: Embed Flash Slideshow to Your Spaces Blog

    Sign in your Windows Live, and enter to your Windows Live Spaces. Click "Blog" button on the "Control Panel", then choose to add or edit your blog.

    Click the "HTML" button, copy the following HTML code to any section of your post where you want the flash slideshow to be displayed.
    <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" codebase="http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=9,0,45,0" width="150" height="150">

    <param name="movie" value="http://sites.google.com/site/wondersharefamily/Home/index.swf" />

    <param name="quality" value="high" />

    <param name="menu" value="false" />

    <embed src="http://sites.google.com/site/wondersharefamily/Home/index.swf" quality="high" pluginspage="http://www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="150" height="150"></embed>

    Please replace the Red URL in the code to your own URL, and set the width and height as you like. After saving, view the post to make sure the flash slideshow on Windows Live Spaces works well. If not, go back your blog to edit the HTML code.

    Wednesday, September 08, 2010

    New Feature of Flash Template: Multi-albums

    The above slideshow is present in free flash templates

    There are 30+ 3D flash photo gallery templates in Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe or Web Gallery for Mac, which help you to make much more professional designed flash photo gallery for presentation on your commercial or personal websites. Learn how to use these Flash Slideshow Templates more.
    All those 3D flash gallery templates can help you to organize and show your photos with different categories, just choose your desired album to watch Nature photos, Baby photos or any others.
    *Watch the thumbnails of 3D flash gallery templates with multi-albums as below.
    Multi-albums features:
    Click the Menu Mask of Albums to select your desired Albums. Edit and play multi-albums in the same template!
    Easily switch among many albums! Saving you time in making slideshow!