Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Team Graduation Party Games

Please find below a selection of my favorite free graduation party games for playing in teams. Team graduation party games can be the best fun and bring the party together.
Blow and Suck (suitable for all ages)
The first of the team graduation party games is an old faithful that can be enjoyed by people of any ages. All you need is a pack of straws, a ping pong ball or card and two teams of people. You simply pass the ball or card from the front of the team to the back using only the straws.
Pass The Orange (suitable for all ages)
This fun-filled game is inexpensive and simple. The only supplies it requires are 2 oranges and people with both a neck and a chin. Divide the group into 2 teams. When the person (not actually playing the game) says "Go!" the people must pass the orange from neck to neck using only chins and necks. The team that can get the orange to the last neck in line the quickest without dropping the orange wins.

Pass the Sand (suitable for all ages)
Obviously one of the good free graduation party games for the beach or even the garden. Divide the group into 2 teams and line them up. Have the person in each line grab a handful of sand from a container. They must pass the sand to the next player, who passes it to the next, and so on down the line. When the sand reaches the last player, he/she pours what is left of it on a plate. The team with the most sand wins the game. (You may have to weigh the sand on a food scale if it's close.)

Cross Dress Relay Game (suitable for all ages)
For this game you need 2 piles of clothes. One pile would consist of ridiculous looking male clothes including braces, pipe, beard, mad shirt – anything goes really. The other pile of clothes will be equally ridiculous female clothes. This could include tights and bra with oranges etc. You then arrange 2 rows of people, one for boys and one for girls. Each person takes it in turn to dress and undress. The boys would put on the female clothes and vice versa. The team that completes the task first wins. Obviously you need to get your camera ready for this one.
Bum Shuffle (suitable for all ages)
Now this is my favorite of all the team graduation party games. Divide the teams into about six people. They have to sit in a line with their legs wide apart and their arms around the waist of the person in front. When you say “go” they all have to shuffle forwards on their bums. If the line is broken then they have to start again. The winning team is the first team across the finishing line.
Balloon Bang (suitable for ages 5 and up)
If you have a suitable space with room to run around, or even better outdoors this is a very active game. Brief the teams not to stamp on the person, just the balloons.Split everyone into 2 teams. One team has balloons tied to their ankles with ribbon. The second team have to burst all the balloons.
Balloon Hockey (suitable for ages 6 and up)
A great competitive game. Each player has a round balloon and a long ballon to use as the hockey stick. Set up a goal which can be a large box on its side. Players take turns to try and score by hitting their balloon from a set distance into the goal. Give each player say 5 attempts, with the winner scoring most times.
Superfast Drawing (suitable for ages 8 and up)
This is a version of Pictionary. Before the party have at least 20 cards with meaningful words on them such as skull, treasure etc. Split everyone into teams and give them pens, pencils and paper. One person from each team comes to you and you show them a card. They return to their team and quickly draw a picture representing the word. No gestures or speaking allowed. Keep a score.
Feed The Baby (suitable for ages 6 and up)
Split everyone into teams of 2. Have the right number of chairs, bibs, bowls of fruit puree and spoon. Line the teams up 10 to 20 feet from the chairs. Say go and the teams run to the chairs, they put the bib on one of them who sits down. The other team member feeds the sitting on the puree. The winners finish the puree and take off the bib.
Double Packers (suitable for ages 7 and up)
Split everyone into teams of 2. Each person must hold the hand of their partner. Give each pair an object to wrap such as a shoebox. Also give them ribbon, wrapping paper and sticky tape. Start the game and the teams must wrap their present using their free hands. The first pair to complete wins. I like graduation party games where the teams must rely on each other so much.
Knee Jerk Relay (suitable for ages 6 and up)
This is one of the rather silly graduation party games. With the right music and noisy atmosphere it can be excellent. Split the guests into 2 teams. Set out a course say 20 to 30 feet. Give the first player an orange or balloon to hold between their knees. They must walk the course keeping the object between their knees and pass it to the next team member. If the orange drops the player must start again. First team to complete wins.
Stepping Stones (suitable for ages 8 and over)
Split everyone into 2 teams, pair the people in the teams up and arrange a short course. Ahead of the party cut a big pair of feet from card. In the teams one person is the foot person, the other the stepper. The foot person places the feet in front of the stepper who must only walk on the card feet. They must go up and down the course and then the next pair can start. First team to complete wins.
Three Ball Relay (suitable for ages 6 and up)
Different graduation party games. Split the guests into 2 teams. Give each team 3 balls of widely different size. Set out a course. In turn each player guides the 3 balls using only their hands up and down the course, handing over to the next player. First team finished wins.
Chinese Whispers (suitable for ages 6 and up)
Arrange everyone in a line. Have a message of at least 10 words ready in advance. Whisper it to the first person who whispers it to the next in line, all the way along the guests. The last person says out loud the message, caompare that to the original. Play music to make it tougher.
Yes/No (suitable for ages 7 and up)
A classic of graduation party games. This game requires quick thinking. Set up a small stage area. Bring out each player and ask them questions which they must avoid saying yes or no to. For example do you like milk, have you been on holiday yet, did you graduate. Allow up to 10 questions per player. They are also out if they hesitate for more than 5 seconds.
Where Am I Going (suitable for ages 7 and up)
One of the lively team graduation party games. Set up an obstacle course which is safe for the youngest player. Split the guests into 2 teams. Blindfold the first person and start them off. Their team must shout instructions to them to get them round the course. They then pass the blindfold to the next person. First team round the course wins.
Face Painting (suitable for older ages)
As well as an guest decoration exercise face painting can be a good graduation party games for teams. In keeping with your theme you can challenge the teams to paint each others faces. That could be as a clown, pirate or tiger for example. Prizes could be for the best overall team.
Plate Race
A fun and noisy graduation party games. Mark out a river about 6 feet wide. Split the kids into 2 teams, half of which sit on either side of the river. Gove the first child from each team 2 good size paper plates. They must cross the river, once you say go, by putting down the first plate, standing on it, then placing the second plate in front of them and standing on it and so on. Once they have crossed the river standing only on the plates they pass the plates on to the next one in their team. First team to get everyone across the river wins.
Googly Balloons
Put a marble into each balloon and blow them up. Split the kids into small teams and give them some balloons which they must keep up in the air. Perhaps 2 balloons per person. The weights in the balloons makes them act really strangely. This is one of the laugh out loud graduation party games.
Boat Race
Divide the guests into teams of 6. Set out a start and finish line. They sit in a line with their legs apart and arms around the person in front. When you say go the crew must shuffle themselves forward to cross the finishing line. The crew must remain unbroken, otherwise they start again.
Water Balloon Walk
Divide the guests into teams of say 4. Set out a short course which can have obstacles. Give the first person a filled water balloon and each person gets 2 sticks. The first person walks the course with he water balloon balalnced on the sticks. They hand the balloon over to the next person without using hands. First team to complete wins.

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