Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Noisy Graduation Party Games

Please find below a selection of my favorite very noisy and still free graduation party games.
Limbo (suitable for all ages)
This is a good one of the free graduation party games for the garden. Play some fun music while your friends stand in line waiting to bend backwards low enough to fit under the limbo stick (broom handle, yardstick, etc.). In order to win, the limbo master must not touch the stick or fall on the floor while limboing under the stick (which is usually held by 2 people).
Key and String (suitable for all ages)
This is one my mum showed me as a child and I've played it countless times since then. It's an absolute hoot! What you do is get two rows of people preferably in alternate boy, girl order and you need 2 rolls of string, each with a key tied to the end. The object of the game is for the string to go up (underneath the clothes) of one person and then down (underneath the clothes) of the next person and so on until everyone is threaded together. The first team to complete this challenge wins. You can also reverse it and see which team is unthreaded first. Watching someone trying to work a key up their trouser leg is hilarious. Similarly, watching girls trying to maintain their modesty while wearing a dress or skirt and the string is tightening is equally side-splitting.So simple and so much fun.
Spot The Leader (suitable for ages 6 and up)
One person leaves the room and is the guesser. Choose one person to lead the others clapping or dancing. Put on some music. The leader must regularly change the rhythm and which body part they clap against. The others must follow. The guesser comes back in and tries to guess who is leading the clapping.
Chopstick Race (suitable for ages 5 and up)
An individual style graduation party games. Give each person 10 pieces of candy or rice. Also a bowl and a pair of chopsticks. The object is to get the candy or rice into the bowl individually. First person to complete gets a prize!
Eat The Chocolate (suitable for ages 9 and up)
This is a lively one of the graduation party games. In the middle of the guests place a large bar of chocolate on a plate, a knife and fork, hat, gloves and scarf. Taking it in turns, each guest rolls the dice. If a guest gets a six they have to put the clothes on as fast as possible and start eating the chocolate with the knife and fork. Keep eating till the next person gets a six then take the clothes off for them to dress up and eat as much chocolate as they can. If the number of guests is large you can split the group into teams of say 8 to 10 with their own chocolate and clothes.
Spin The Wheel (suitable for all ages)
Borrow one of those wheels of fortune and fill in the prizes you have on the wheel. That will include no prize and a forfeit if you want. Arrange the right person to host the game and get the audience participating madly.
Coconut Shy (suitable for older ages)
In an outdoor area set up a coconut shy. This will need holders for the coconuts. You could of course just balance the coconuts on a ledge. You can decorate the coconuts in the theme of your party which may just mean using the graduate's photo. Just supply balls to throw and set up a line say 4 or 5 feet away.
Bobbing For Apples (suitable for older ages)
Bobbing for apples is one of the better graduation party games. Set up a large pail filled with water and enough apples to cover the surface. Lay out plenty of towels. The guests using only their teeth must try and get an apple out of the pail. Usually hilarious and very messy!.
Octopus Tag (suitable for older ages)
This is one of te graduation party games where no one is out! A first person is chosen who is the octopus. The rest of the group are the fish. Each person tagged joins the octopus. Play continues until there is one fish left.
Stocks (suitable for older ages)
Set up old fashioned stocks with holes for the arms to 'lock' the unfortunate volunteers in. They should be seated. Then set up a line about 6 feet away and let the guests throw wet sponges at them.
Talent Spots (suitable for older ages)
As a break from the normal graduation party games a talent spot lets everyone get a drink and watch the entertainment. Set aside a stage with lighting if possible with music pre arranged to suit the act. You can ask the guests to prepare something in the party invitations and give them a theme if you wish. For example you could allow them to do anything, be a ringmaster or clown for a circus party, sing mambo no. 5 at a Mardi Gras party, sing backwards, act out a script for a hollywood theme or tell jokes.
Blow Fish (or Ships) (suitable for all ages)
Arrange a pail with water. Also straws and either small boats which float in the water, or fish. Set up the players in two's who play against each other. The object of the game is to blow the boat to your opponents side. The players can get very wet, so remember to set out towels.
Goldfish Bowls (suitable for all ages)
Arrange say 10 goldfish bowls together on a table. Have balls which fit into the goldfish bowls but they are not too small. The object of this one of the graduation party games is for the players to stand behind a line and throw the balls into the goldfish bowls. Have prizes for the best.
Horseshoe Pitch (suitable for all ages)
Put a stake in the ground and have the contestants stand say 6 to 12 feet away depending on their age. Give each player some horseshoe to throw at the stake, the nearest wins. You can use balls if need be.
Jump Rope (suitable for all ages)
With some jump ropes, just have the guests play jump rope with the guest jumping for the most jumps the winner.
Sing A Long (suitable for all ages)
In a 'camp fire' style have the guests sing some classic songs in unison. A great effect.
Dance Competition (suitable for all ages)
Arrange a dance floor. Also have music in keeping with the party theme. Guests have to dance with a judge eliminating people as the music goes on. The last couple or person still on the floor wins. Good fun graduation party games.
Hire Equipment (suitable for all ages)
Graduation party games can be determined by the equipment you have. Consider hiring a Buckaroo, Fastest draw game, trampoline or golf game.
Name That Tune (suitable for all ages)
Set up music on a cd. Ask players how many notes they need to hear to name the tune. Play they number of notes and see if they get it right. This can make highly competitive graduation party games.
Blindfold Games (suitable for all ages)
There are two graduation party games in this category.Arrange an obstacle course which a guest guided by a partner must negotiate.Put various objects in a box. The guest must identify them by touch alone. For older players you can set the scene by claiming to have horrible things in the box. Touching half a tomato can set their imagination running wild.
Blindfold Cottonball Game
Set out 2 fishbowls. One is filled with cottonballs. Each guest must transfer the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using a spoon. The catch is they wear a blindfold.
Ice Cube Race
Fill a lrage bowl with water and add a top layer of ice cubes. Guests must get ice cubes out of the bowl using their feet only.
Ice Cream Race
Give each guest a bowl of ice cream. They must finish the ice cream using no hands.
Find as many 3 or more letter words as you can in one minute from a prepared list of letters.
Mad Painting
Have each guest wear a pair of large gloves. Give them paints, brushes and paper. have them paint their own masterpiece. Judge who has the best one.
Chocolate Eating
Give each guest a large pair of gloves, and a knife and fork. Also they get a bar of chocolate. They have to eat as much chocolate as they can in 2 minutes using only the knife and fork.

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