Thursday, June 04, 2009

free flash xml phogo gallery

How to make free flash xml gallery with different categories

Read simple steps below to learn how to make free flash xml gallery. Of course you should master xml first, if so ,it is good, you will feel the tutorial is so easy. If not, we will introduce another free flash gallery software for you. It need no xml skills and can make the same or more beautiful flash image gallery automatically.

Step 1: Download free flash xml gallery source file

Click here to download free xml gallery source file and unzip it. The package should include images folder, gallery.html file, gallery.swf file, gallery.xml file, gallery.fla file, file, file and XMLSA.AS file.

Open gallery.html file or gallery.swf.file to see the original samples as below thumbnail:

Step 2: Add your digital photos to images folder

Choose your faverate photos to add into images folder and don't forget to delete the original pictures.

Step 3: Make thumbnail images for your digital photos

From the above sample picture you can find there are thumbnail images displaying in the keyboard, so you need to make thumbnail images for your digital photos too. It's size should be 200px*137px. Then add the thumbnail images into images/thumbs folder and delete the original thumbnails.

Step 4: Edit XML file for adding images

Open gallery.xml file with a text editor, such as Dreamweaver MX. You will notice that all images are described with the following XML tags located between the <image> and </image> tags. You can place as many images as you want by copy and paste the content between the <image> and </image> tags. You just need to revise the red content according to your own requirements.

<gallery title="Windy's Photo Album" thumbDir="./images/thumbs/" imageDir="./images/" random="true">

<category name="Introducing Seattle">



<title>View of Seattle </title>

<desc>View of Seattle </desc>






Step 5: Create a new category for flash xml gallery

You may found that there are some different categories in the sample xml gallery. If you also want to create new category to grouping your photos, just copy and paste the content between <category> and </category> tags and revise its name. Then the flash xml gallery will be made. You can open the gallery.html or gallery.swf file to enjoy it.

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