Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quiet Graduation Party Games

Please find below a selection of my favorite free graduation party games that are nice and quiet and will help calm the children down.
Pass the Parcel (suitable for all ages)
Although this game has music it is excellent for calming everyone down after something active. There are two ways you can play this:1) Wrap the present up as many times as possible and a layer of paper is ripped off each time the music stops – repeat until there is no wrapping left and there you have the lucky winner.2) Wrap the present up once and the person left holding the present when the music stops is out – repeat until you have a winner.
Memory Game (suitable for all ages)
You can make this game as difficult or as easy as you like depending on age of the children playing it. Arrange several objects on a tray and cover them with a cloth. Give everyone a pencil and a piece of paper. Remove the cloth and give everyone 1 minute to memorize all the objects. Then they have to write down as many of the items as they can remember. The person who remembers most correctly wins.
Blindfold Drawing (suitable for ages 4 and up)
Arrange paper and pencils or pens. Blind fold half the guests. Then tell them what they are drawing, perhaps something that relates to the party theme. Give them enough time to complete their drawing. You can make it more fun by breaking the drawing instructions down into parts. The other guests can try and help with instructions. Then swap with the other guests taking a turn to be blindfold.
Shell Painting (suitable for all ages)
Arrange a shell for each person and ask them to paint it. A prize of course for the best design! You could ask for the shell to be painted in the party theme.
Painting (suitable for all ages)
Painting of any kind makes good graduation party games. The subject can fit the party theme and can be masks, kites, fans, hats or parasols for example.
Drawing (suitable for all ages)
Drawing something fitting the party theme is great fun. Just set out pens, pencils, and paper!
Message In A Bottle (suitable for all ages)
Give everyone a plastic bottle, paper, access to sand, pens, mini shells, and any other materials you wish. Ask them to create a scene in the bottle and add a message. Crafts graduation party games do give a creative outlet.
Paper Clip (suitable for all ages)
Give each person a piece of paper and pencil for this mental agility graduation party games. Each person has 2 minutes to write down all the things they can think of to do with a paper clip. This is a true test of each persons creativity. It is likely that most people will get 3 to 4. When reading out some of the mad answers remember no one said what color, size, or materials made up the paper clip. Creative people will have it used for a coat hanger, colored purple to use as a mood enhancer, huge size to use as a boat and lots more ideas!
Jar Game (suitable for all ages)
Fill a jar with candy and ask each guests to guess how many items in the jar.
Memory Game
One of the good graduation party games for relaxing the pace a bit. Give each guest some paper and a pen. Set out various unrelated items on a tray and cover it up. Take away the cover and give everyone 1 minute to memorize the items. They must then wait 1 minute before they write out what was on the tray. The guests' ages will determine how many items you use.

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