Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Outdoor Graduation Party Games

Please find below a selection of my favorite and free graduation party games for playing outdoors.
Scoot Them Away (suitable for all ages)
This is a good one for a back yard party. Simply line up some empty tin cans on a wall and knock them off using water pistols.
Volleyball (suitable for ages 7 and up)
Set everyone up into teams and have a normal rules volleyball competition. For the younger kids you could use a balloon and a lower net. You just need enough room for this one and a marked out area.
A fun variation is to arrange teams of 2 who have a towel. The ball is replaced by a water filled balloon. The idea is to use the towel to launch and catch the balloon with the towel. The first team to burst the balloon loses!
Treasure Hunt (suitable for all ages)
In advance hide lots of items in the garden (or indoors). Tie in the objects with the party theme. Give everyone a sheet with the hidden items listed (or drawn for youngsters.) Time the teams or individuals as they find the items. For example for a pirate theme party you could hide fake coins. Have prizes for the winners.
Races(suitable for all ages)
Races of any kind make great outdoor graduation party games. I like the ones where the players wear clown shoes or flippers.
Sandcastles(suitable for all ages)
For a beach party or a sand area at home. Have a sandcastle building competition. Prizes, of course, for the most creative and best made sandcastle. Graduation party games for all ages are good!

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