Thursday, May 26, 2011

Take Good Photos for Your Kids

How to Take Good Photos for Your Kids

Well, you may take lots of photos to memory some special occasions like wedding, family reunion, baby born, school sports meeting or graduating; and everyone want to make it perfect photography, so here are some tips on how to take good photos:

The first thing to remember is to keep clicking! You're more likely to get good photos of them if you're taking more photos, and sometimes the cutest photos of them are when they're not looking straight at the camera with a "cheese" smile.

Get down to their level - photos always look better when you're on the same eye level as your kids. So crouch down and get more detail in your photos rather than lots of the tops of their heads.

Use a fast shutter speed if you're using an SLR camera to keep blur at bay - if you're using a point and shoot camera, sometimes using a flash can help if they're running around like little monkeys or you can set your camera to the picture of the running man (sport) on the menu for a faster shutter speed.

Use natural sunshine as your light as much as possible - brings out better colors in the photo and doesn't create the same "sheen" that a flash can create. The best time of day to do this is in the morning and just before sunset as the light is warm rather than harsh and doesn't create a shadow like it will during the middle of the day. Keep your background in mind - you might get the best photo of your children but the background might let the photo down in the end.

For a photo you can blow up of your kids and frame, make sure you don't have undesirable things in the background. Make sure you get in the photos yourself. If you're always the one taking the photos, ask someone else to take the picture for you - you don't want your kids looking over their photos in years to come and not see you as you once were (young and gorgeous!!). If there is no one else to take it, put it on timer and set the photo up... and if all else fails - book a family photo shoot.

Every family should take the time to have at least one professional photo shoot in their lifetime. It not only gives kids something of a keep-sake of their family from their younger years, but it also is a great way to save that time (or that "phase") in life forever. Just remember, you can't get that time back in their lives and it's hard to remember them so small or so cute or pulling certain faces... so get clicking - I'm sure they'll thank you in the future when you can show them what gorgeous little monkey's they used to be.

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