Monday, May 23, 2011

How to make PDF file Editable

When viewing PDF files by Adobe Reader, we sometimes want to edit some contents as we usually do in Word documents. But sadly, most of time, we would find that we just try in vain to do that similar work. This up to the portrait of PDF format, whose structure makes the editing functions unavailable.

Fortunately, by some special programs, we could make PDF files editing as we edit documents on Word Processor.

Type 1: PDF Reader
Actually, most of PDF readers have some simple editing functions. Take PDF X-change Viewer for instance, we can add comments and annotations to the original contents. And we can copy the text from PDF to word, if the PDF file is not protected by PDF owner password. The most commonly used PDF readers include Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader and Nuance PDF Reader.

Type 2: PDF Editor
We can directly edit PDF documents, if which has not been protected, by PDF Editor such as Adobe Acrobat or Foxit PDF Editor. The whole editing process is visualization By Adobe Reader, for example, you can replace the original contents, crop images and insert links and any other elements necessarily. The bookmarks also could be created by the edited documents.

Type 3: PDF Conversion Software
When talking about editing PDF, we inevitably image that PDF editor would be the best and direct choice. But things not always like that. We need to notice that PDF editor, that we could use, are not the real editing functions. We just cover the contents on the original text or images. The efficiency is low and it is not easy to master it. Besides, they are always very expensive.

The best way, which works perfect for me, is using PDF conversion Software, like AnyBizSoft PDF to Word Converter, by which we can convert PDF to word and editing the contents easily in Word processor with high efficiency. It can preserve all the original text, layouts, hyperlinks and graphics in Word documents.

All in one conclusion, we need to choose them by our requirements.

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