Tuesday, May 10, 2011

How to recover deleted documents

Accidentally deleted important files, and the world have no regret medicine. So, what show we do? However, there are data recovery software in the world. Wondershare Data Recovery is a world famous masterpiece. Its professional version covers many features such as the disk diagnostics, data recovery, file repair, E-mail fix, and all four major categories of 19 projects of various data file repair and disk diagnostic programs.

Data Recovery can help you recover lost data and rebuild file system. What more, it will writing anything other files into you original disk. it is mainly rebuild file system in memory partition table, and then, making data can be safely transferred to the other drive. He can help you recover virus corrupted document and the document has been formatted. The software can recover more than 8.4GB of hard disk. This version uses the new data recovery engine, and the ability of the ZIP file and the Microsoft Office series of documents repair!

I am a little wordy, this Data Recovery software can restore the lost data due operational errors (such as delete). Using this software, you must understand that after the data has been accidentally deleted, you should never write any data in the diver that have lost the data. if data is written resume will most likely fail, or restored, the file can’t be used, such as the TXT format recovery will become garbled. Therefore, we delete the file, do not delete the disk copy to be any program, the move is also not to move it a bit.

Before the data resumption, the Data Recover will scans the hard drive data and the previous operating accidentally deleted files. this may take a little time, about 3-20 minutes, depending on your disk space. of course, the quantity of the documents will slow the scan speed. More documents, the slower speed.

In fact, there are many data recovery software such as FinalData, Undelete Plus, Recover4All, FileRescue Pro, FinalRecovery, Recover My Files etc. although I have not tried all of them ,so I have no right to speak. but, for me, wondershare Data Recovery can meet all my requirement in aspects very good. Including the speed and quality of data recovery are very good. I'd have tried to use FinalData, it takes more than 20 hours to scanning my disk. However, the scan is complete in ten minutes when I use Wondershare data recovery.

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