Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recover Document from Formatted Hard Disk

How to Recover Document from Formatted Hard Disk?
Before show you how to recover the documents from formatted hard disk, let’s learn some knowledge of “what is format?”

Beneath quick, format is actually both the initialization we have personally before taking try hard disk. On this, we will record information upon the hard disk on easy. It's just like storing lots books in one big house. We tend to cannot throw book into the preventing however put up one bookshelf firstly and place all of books beneath forms. Furthermore, one computer operating system can't recognize a image new daunting disk and read info from it just when such irresistible symbols are usually leaved into any section of it. In an fact, both the leaved process is actually format.

Ok, right now let me personally help you recover your info from the formatted daunting disk step by step.

I take Wondershare Info Recovery for example as it's simple to use with regard to green hand. That you can and research many other info recovery tools alone. Click there for the trial on Wondershare Data Rescue

Step1. Install Wondershare Data Recovery
I have to remind you that you do not install Wondershare Data Recovery to the same partition where you lost data for avoiding overwriting the formatted hard disk.

Step2. Select the formatted hard disk to scan
When you open the application, you will find there're four options for recovery. Choose the second, Format Recovery, and then select the partition you formatted. Next, you can select the file system for your formatted hard disk or just left as Auto Detect.

Step3. Choose your target files
Here you can see all recoverable files on the formatted hard disk are listed. You can choose files or folders to continue recovery.

Step4. Select or enter a path for saving recovered data.
We highly suggest you never to select a path that is located in the formatted hard disk that you're searched data from, in case it would eventually overwrite the source data.

In this way, you can easily recover your lost documents. And the efficiency of this software is very high, basically several cups similar software for recovering data. Wondershare data recover is definitely a good choice for finding lost data from formatting disk in similar products.

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