Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Make Slideshow

Make Slideshow

A Slideshow creation reflects the innovation of an individual or group in a few minutes. It explains the whole topic using pictures, short sentences and animation.
It allows to add photos and text easily with effects, transition and sounds.

The simplest way of creating dynamic slideshow is through the Microsoft PowerPoint. Following are the steps that will help you to create a slideshow :

1. Select Theme
It is very important to know the topic on which you are going to prepare the slideshow because your slides will be based on the same. Try to keep one theme for the entire presentation in order to avoid confusion.

2. Select background colour
Applying the same color scheme in the background makes the slideshow attractive. For this, click slide color scheme from the format menu.

3. Select photos
After background selection, you need to select photos from the photo collection option based on the topic. You can also import pictures from the internet or from your computer.

4. Open Microsoft PowerPoint from Microsoft Office package.
Click on the Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

5. Create Title Page
Type the title of the slideshow in the text box. You can change the font colour, type and size from the Font option of the Format Menu.

6. Create a New Slide
Click on the New Slide option from the Insert menu if you want to add a new slide in your slideshow. You can also add pictures by either from the computer or selecting the From File option of Picture menu from the Insert option. You may even double click inside the picture box to select a picture.

7. Draw on the Slide
If you want to draw something, you can do it from the drawing toolbar by choosing Drawing option of the Toolbars option from the View menu Then, select a shape or a line from there and drag to the slide.

8. View the Slide Show
After creating the slides, its time to see how does the slide show runs. For this, select view show option from the Slide Show menu.

9. Add Life to your slides
A movie with no sounds and no actions will have no effect or minimum effect on its audience. In the same way, PowerPoint also allows you to add background music to your slide show. Moreover, you can add transitions to your slide shows that will help in the smooth running of slides.

At last, its time to save your slideshow from the Save As option of the File Menu.
You can also share your slideshow online by converting the PowerPoint format to a flash format.

There are also a number of software available in the web world that help in slideshow creation. You can create PDF slide show with Acrobat. Flash slideshow maker allows you to make flash slideshows with attractive flash templates, transitions etc. DVD Slideshow helps in turning digital photos into video slide shows.

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