Wednesday, June 29, 2011

How To Capture Or Record Online Videos

How to Capture or Record Online Videos
There are countless videos which are available online for streaming as well as download. You may come across a funny or interesting video which you simply must have stored on your system to share with your friends. So how do you capture/record online videos? Here are a couple of ways to capture/ record online videos.
How to capture/record online videos
There are three approaches which you can use to capture/record online videos.
• Access download help from websites which offer the service
• Use Firefox extension to capture the video
• Purchase a software which aid in saving online videos
Capture/record online videos with download website help
Two popular download help websites are YouTube downloader and KeepVid. What these sites do is to use video links provided by users to upload the videos to that particular site. The user can then download the video and may also be able to convert file format within the sites in some cases.
Capture/record online video using Firefox
The Firefox web browser is equipped with a download extension enabling you to download online videos. If you have the Firefox browser and can’t see the download extension, go to the Firefox website and download it form the ‘add on’ section.
Capture/record online videos using purchased software
Commercial software can be downloaded from online sites. The software when installed on your computer system helps you capture online videos. Before downloading any software check and make sure that it is compatible with your operating system to avoid download errors. Also find out whether the software complies with copy right regulations.

Other video capture/record methods

Real player can help you out of you are an avid YouTube video watcher. The player helps you download videos from the website.

Video capture/record considerations
Before you go crazy downloading each and every video you come across, you have to make sure that you are not breaking any copy rights when downloading videos from online sources. Check whether the video is free for all meaning anyone can possess it and share it. This may seem like a lot of work but it could possibly save you from prosecution which is highly likely to internet users who infringe on copy right laws.
Every country has its own set of copyright laws so make sure that the laws are applicable in your particular country. If they laws are not applicable you should still respect the copy right status of the videos.

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