Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Convert AVI to MOV

AVI to MOV File Conversion

QuickTime Application developed by Apple only support MOV file format. AVI files are not supported by this application; therefore the best thing to do is to convert AVI files to MOV. If you wanted to play AVI files but you only have QuickTime Application, there is no other way to play the file than to convert it to make it compatible with the application.
Anyone could do the conversion of AVI to MOV easily using free software. Follow the step by step process of AVI to MOV file conversion below.

1. In order to do the conversion, download 3.2 MB Oxelon Media Converter accompanied with 1.4 Oxelon Media Plugins in your computer system. You can find this converter in the internet. Just simply type “Oxelon Media Converter”. Once completely downloaded, install it by double clicking the program that can be found in your desktop.
2. After it is installed already, open it and the converter screen will pop up. Locate the “Conversion Options” at the top of the screen of the converter. You will then be asked to choose what format would you like your file to be converted to, click MOV as the media format.
3. Once you have chosen the media format, proceed in choosing the video codec. Video codec includes Quicktime SVQ1 Sorenson Video, Quicktime H264, or Quicktime MPEG4. If you wish, you can try the different options.
4. Then select what audio codec, options includes MP3 and AAC, though there are many options to choose from.
5. Then choose what is the frame rate, bitrate, and width and length for the video. Choose what bitrate, channels and sampling rate you wanted to apply to the video to be converted. But if you have no idea, just click “default” if you don’t want to speed time for it.
6. Then click “Add Files” seen in the screen, selects AVI files to be converted and click “Enter “or “Open”. If you want to convert numerous AVI files, press “CTRL+A” then click “Open”.
7. After you have chosen the AVI files to be converted, select where to save the converted file/s by clicking “Browse”. Remember it.
8. Once done, click the “Conversion” button at the bottom of the screen. Wait for the conversion process to be completed.
9. Go to the file location, the one that you select in step 7, open the file/s and start viewing the new converted video files.

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