Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AVI Converter

Those who are familiar with electronics or computers to be exact, might be well aware of AVI Convert technology; but for those of you who come around computers only when they need to, I advise that you go through the article to know why an AVI converter is necessary for your PC.

To get on with AVI converting, let me first explain what AVI is. AVI is the short form of Audio Video Interleave(d). It is basically a container format for the multimedia introduced by Microsoft back in 1992. As the name suggests it contains both Audio and Video data. Microsoft had built it originally to go with its Video for Windows; however after its popularity many of the systems adopted it and now you can use the AVI converter with almost any computer.

You might have witnessed that some videos ask you to download a specific program to enable its running, however the best thing about the AVI format is that it will not make any such demands to run, as it is compatible with many processors.

The AVI format enables both the audio and the video files to be played together in a playback mode. So it is almost like the DVD video format. It also allows multiple streaming audio and video. Now that we have satisfactorily learned about AVI, let’s get down to AVI converter.

If some of you might think that AVI is built in, it’s not. In fact you will have to download it initially to your system to enjoy AVI videos. With the bloom of the Internet, downloading is not that difficult either. You have to search for a ‘Video to AVI Converter.’

There are many free downloads available these days. You need to download one to your set up. For better performance and to get an authentic AVI format, consult with someone who knows a reputable site from where you can get the top quality software downloaded for free.

The Video to AVI Converter Free Download will enable your PC to convert any video you choose to AVI format. It is a powerful video format so it will let you enjoy top quality viewing.

Now you know what an AVI and an AVI converter is; all that is left to do is to find a suitable or authentic video to AVI converter. If you don’t know someone who can recommend a good converter, then you can simply browse the web for the best Video to AVI converter. I am sure you are going to find lots of good and bad reviews for it.

The one that has most of the good reviews is the recommended one. Just go to the site and follow simple instructions to get it downloaded. Downloading software from the web is usually as easy as 1, 2, 3. So I am pretty sure anyone can do it. If you are a movie buff like I am, then you should better get a Video to AVI Converter for yourself.

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