Thursday, July 30, 2009

Picasa web album review

When Picasa appeared a few years ago, it quickly won attention among the photography fans. As Picasa upgraded all along, there are still many people haven't known clearly what after it can make with photos. So this Picasa review will be focused on this point. On the other hand, I will write down the tutorial of how to upload Picasa web album on blog, MySpace or website

Part 1: What can we make with Picasa web album

Free photo storage space:

Visit Picasa web album Home page, and set up a Picasa web album by your Gmail account. Then you can upload digital photos on web for sharing with more people. Install Picasa software is another way to upload your local photos to web.

Upload photos to Picasa web album

Set Properties and edit info. for your web album:
After you uploaded your photos, click on the thumbnail and enter the page below. Here you can set Album properties, such as visit authority, and edit other info. like: album tag, add Captions, select Album cover, etc.

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