Thursday, July 02, 2009

Amazing India Travel-Slide Show

Louise and I, Stuart Sims, spend 3 months out of ever year in India.
India is the ultimate travel experience. And once one falls in love with India one does not have the slightest desire to go anywhere else.. Sure I still want to see Egypt and Istanbul, but having traveled to India for 3 months each year for many years now. I always get the itch during the rest of the year when I am not in India.
There is no flora and fauna like India's.
There is no topography like India's (from pristine beaches all the way to, and in between, up to the Himalayas).
There are no cities as wild and exciting as those in India.
There is no diversity of cultures in any country that can match India's.
There is no more spectacular and diverse Architecture than India's.
There is no tolerance like the tolerance of India.
But most importantly there are NO people on the planet that can match the kindness, warmth, genuine concern, interest in foreigners, and "Chanti' of the India people. They are as close to divine as you will find on this miserable globe!
One does not go to India like one goes to the Bahamas, one goes to India to find the inner self and strength, along with everything else.. At times, one wants to pull one's hair out and then Mother India says here, "I have a gift for you". Then one is transported to another realm.

Go to India and never return! (At least a month for your mind to turn away from your Western value system and begin to see the wisdom of India's ethos).

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