Thursday, July 23, 2009

How to Create 3D Scrolling Photo Gallery

How to make a 3d interactive flash gallery to present your photographs online with scrolling effect? The tutorial will not teach you how to make code to implement the effects but introduce to you the best scrolling flash slideshow maker which can create scrolling 3d photo gallery in minutes.

3d scrolling flash photo gallery

You can create it wihout any flash skill in minutes.

What you and your visitors can operate with mouse for the above 3d interactive scrolling photo gallery?

1. Zooming

- Click thumbnails to zoom to large images

- Click large images to zoom to thumbnails

2. Move left/right/tilt

- Use scroll button below or click and drag mouse up and down, left and right

- Include previews and next play key as well as auto play key

3. Text description

- Enable to add image caption and image description above photos

- Mouse over the thumbnail to show image caption and over photos to show image description

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