Monday, November 26, 2007

Meaningful Xmas gifts match to special person

Christmas gifts signify the happiness and celebration, of course important in our Xmas plan. But finding the perfect Christmas gifts for the special persons in our lives is really difficult, racking our brains in scheming. Now if you have a digital camera and a computer, you can stay far away from trouble and make personalized, unique Xmas gifts that will help your loved persons remember their happy moments.

Capture the highlight with your digital camera
To give your special person surprise, you have to take some out-of-the-ordinary pictures as raw materials to create your gift. It means you should use unique perspective and subjects to shoot the pictures that nobody else will take. Following the tips below, you will have all photos you need to get started:
  • If you have opportunity to go Xmas shopping with your special person, do not forget take your digital camera and record the happy shopping. The Christmas decorations carefully chosen scene and bargain time both are the best subjects, not to let them quietly slip.
  • Christmas decorating through the whole house is a perfect time for everyone. Take pictures while your loved persons prepare. Also make sure the labor results- this year’s Xmas house is in your digital camera.
  • Christmas dinner is the precious moment of the family reunion. Snap the candid moments and those filled with the emotion of dinner.
  • In Christmas carnival party, pay attention to each person’s facial expression and action especially your special person’s, then keep his/her every delighted presentation eternal on the digital photos. Notice not to miss any little thing that other person will ignore such as the party decoration and food.

DIY creative gifts to your special person
Once you have got the requested pictures, it's time to decide what form your gift will take. Here are a few unique Christmas gift ideas that will help you create the most unique gift to delight the person who receive them.

  • Make Xmas Collages. Using a photo collage or digital scrapbooking software, such as Picasa, Photo Collage Studio, to combine multiple photos into a single image that you can frame the highlight in Christmas forever. What’s more, you can take advantage of the free Xmas templates to realize it easier. Just choose a colorfully designed Xmas template, drop in your photos, customize your text, add embellishments, photo frames, and click. Beautifully printed pieces will be delivered to you in minutes. Put them into your loved person’s mail box, he must be surprised and happy.
  • Create a Xmas Calendar. Select your favorite digital photos, put them into a predesigned Xmas calendar template, add your greetings and print out. Besides the professional calendar tools, Photo Collage Studio also can help you complete it. When you go to your special person’s house, watch the calendar you created on desk or hanging on the wall, your heart will be filled with sweet.
  • Design a Xmas Photo book. Combine Xmas collages that you create with a suit of Xmas templates into a photo book to tell your loved person’s whole Xmas story. This special book will undoubtedly find a place of honor on recipients’ coffee table.
  • Burn Xmas photo movie to DVD. Making use of some DVD slideshow software like DVD Slideshow Builder, you can design Xmas slideshow movies for your loved person with transitions, 3D effects, unique decorations and dynamic camera movements and zooms. Burn and present your designed cinematic TV slideshows ready for a big audience - without any experience!
  • Share Xmas photo album on the Internet. Create a digital photo album for your special person and then upload it on your web, MySpace, Blogger, etc. While your loved person visits, you can imagine how delighted he/she feels. Try Flash Slideshow Builder such easy flash tool, even if a flash green hand can also realize it breezily.
  • Show your designed entertaining slideshow movie on iPod. iPod, portable media player becomes wildly popular among the fashion crowd. If your special person also has one, using a iPod slideshow software to make or convert Xmas photo movie for his iPod. The new method enables him share your unique gift filled with memories at any moment and anywhere.

With Christmas coming, many company offers unbelievable discount to celebrate the important holiday. Don’t miss the special Xmas offer to create your personalized gifts for your loved person.