Monday, November 05, 2007

Just a few minutes to create a beauty digital scrapbook

The step-by-step instructions will let you know clearly how to use the photos below to create a digital scrapbook with Wondershare Photo Collage Studio.

Original four photos:

Digital scrapbook made with Photo Collage Studio:

To realize it with Photo Collage Studio you only do the following:

Step 1. Create a new collage from template(the software supplies four ways to start the design including from template, from layout, from blank and from image) and select your favorite pre-designed template; here we choose the template named as General 20.

Step 2. Double click or drag photo from the left list box to the frame of template.

Step 3. Move and adjust the size of photo in the frame to the best effect by using the editing toolbar upper of the selected photo; The first button is used to move the photo in the frame; are used to enlarge or reduce the size of photo in the frame. If you only want to import a part of the photo, the fifth button for cropping can help you realize it easily.

Step 4. Retouch the photo with the effect tab to make it look perfect; there are many effects offered by the program, such as old picture, oil, blur and more; here we choose Brightness Contrast to apply in order to let the photo match the background.

Notice: double-click a thumbnail to apply the effect to your photo and right click to cancel.
Drag the other two photos into the relevant position and do some adjustments to make them look better.

Step 5. From the upper figure you can notice that the orientation of frame on the right bottom is landscape but we need import a photo of portrait orientation. What we should do? Don’t worry! The frame and other objects in the template all can be moved and adjusted freely by dragging the mouse.

Step 6. Publish or print; after importing the last photo, you can use publish tab to preview the collage and save it as jpeg format, wallpaper, or email it directly to the person you want to share with. Also you can show off your masterpiece with the high-quality print function.

You can do many other things to decorate your scrapbook such as adding wordarts, cliparts, stamps, frames or masks. More details you can get from the program tutorial. But you can image that using any other more embellishments in this digital scrapbook really gild the lily.

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