Monday, November 12, 2007

DIY your personalized Wedding Invitation Card

Have you ever thought of designing your wedding invitation card by yourself? Maybe you'll consider it as a hard work if you are an amateur.Here I'll recommend an easy scrapbooking tool to make it! Which you need prepare first is only your digital photo.

To realize it with Photo Collage Studio do the following:
Step 1. Create a new collage from template(the software supplies four ways to start the design including from template, from layout, from blank and from image) and select your favorite theme template; here we choose the template named as Love 3 to match the occasion of wedding.

Step 2. Adjust the objects in the template according your needs. Everything except the background picture of the pre-designed template can be moved, enlarged, minished and deleted separately so that you can also do many things with the template. Here in order to make the invitation card look much better, we just hold the wedding frame and roses.

Step3. Double click or drag your photo from the left list box to the frame of template and adjust the size of photo in the frame to the best effect by using the editing toolbar upper of the selected photo; The first button is used to move the photo in the frame; are used to enlarge or reduce the size of photo in the frame. If you only want to import a part of the photo, the fifth button for cropping can help you realize it easily.

Tips: If you think your photo is too dark or not perfect, use the effect tab to retouch it without hesitation. There are many effects offered by the program, such as old picture, oil, blur, brightness, contrast, embossment and more. Double-click a thumbnail of effects to apply the effect to your photo and right click to cancel.

Step 4. Add the important captions such as the card theme, wedding address, wedding time and your name. The powerful function of text editing like wordarts, shadow, halation, texture can give you more space to show your creativity. Here we should be cautious to decorate the words for standing out the romantic theme.

Step 5. Print your personalized wedding invitation card at home with more custom sizes or even more than one picture on a page. Sent the prints to your families and friends, they must be surprised.

You can do many other things to design your invitation card such as adding effects, cliparts, stamps, frames or masks. But I think it's not suitable to using here. Photo collage studio is a collage and digital scrapbook application but if you have more inspiration you can do many things with it. Let your mind fly now!

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