Monday, September 17, 2007

How to Share Your Slideshow in Different Ways

Nowadays,we live in a digital world.It is convenient to share our life's events with others via multimedia. How many ways do you know to share your slideshow? Where are your sources from?I am here share my experiences,I hope it will help those person who are interested in making slideshow.

How to share your slideshow in Youtube:
Step1.Run the program and then add and organize the photos in the "Organize Photos" window. Step2.Add your favorite music as the background music and then apply an album theme to decorate your album.
Step3.Choose "YouTube Uploadable Movie" as the output in "Burn Disc" window and then click "Create Now" to export your slideshow in .flv format, which is supported by YouTube. Step4.After the encoding, a folder named "youtube" is created automatically in your fixed path. The default path is on your desktop. Each album in your slidehshow will be encoded as an individual FLV file.
Step5.FiveLog in your YouTube account and then click "My Videos" and then choose to upload videos. Then in the first step of uploading, choose your output slideshow and then upload it.

How to share your slideshow on Myspace:
Step1.Upload your pics to myspace
Step2.Look under the upload button and it asks to upload a slideshow.
Step3.Pick your gives you a code
Step4.Get the code Highlight it hit ctl+c (copy),then go to a section in your editing about or something and hit ctrl+v (paste)

How to share your slideshow on yahoo!360°:
Step1: Open your Yahoo! 360° blog editor.
Step2: Check the "View HTML Source" option,
Step3: Paste the clipboard to the editor, keep the section from "embed" and delete the others.

How to share your slideshow on TV:
Step1: Add pictures and videos,and synch with background music.
Step2: Edit picture by crop,add effects,text etc. and trim video and add music and narration.
Step3: Add transition and pan&zoom effects.
Step4: Add disk menu and preview
Step5: Burn slideshow to VCD or DVD which can be played on TV.

To save your time,I get a similar tutorial in this website. You can also share your slideshow on mobile phone, such as iPod,iPhone,Zune,3G phone like that.Only the output format is different.I always use Movie Maker2.1 or Photo Story 3 to make a slideshow,because they are both free. More other slideshow softwares, you can google it by yourself or have a review here:

Some one also ask how to convert home video to computer,so I quote these words of one friend on line: The specific answer will depend upon the format your home movies are in. If they are "film" home videos, then you will need to project them and re-record them onto video. If they are VHS or some format like 8mm or Hi-8, you'll need to play the tape back through a capture card or USB capture device which will digitize the signal and put it onto your hard drive. If they are miniDV videos, Digital 8, or newer formats, then your camcorder should have a firewire output, sometimes called iLink (by Sony). You will need a firewire card or input on your computer, and you simply plug the camcorder into the computer via a firewire cable. At that point, it will then depend upon the software on the computer. Both Windows XP/Vista and Mac have built in programs to import video from firewire, and from there, you can do some simple editing and then output it back to a DVD, if you have a DVD burner.

How to share your slideshow in Youtube is quoted from:
Youtube website:
Myspace Website:
Other SlideshowWebsite:
Good download website:
One good free download website:

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