Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flash SlideShow Builder 3.2.0 is Released

Hi buddy, Flash SlideShow Builder Ver 3.2.0 is launched on Jan 27, 2007, together with Flash SlideShow Suite 3.2.0. In this updated version, you will experience new text caption effects and more customize abilities.

What's new? Well, now it's able to set the duration of intro and credit movie, the fade-in/out for background music. There's also an option to let you click "Play" button before the show.

Would like to burn a CD?
Step 1. Create an Executive file with auto-run file for cd.
Step 2. Burn both of the file to cd with third-party burner, such as Nero.

Woooooo! Start to share your slideshow via CD right away!

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