Wednesday, May 31, 2006

SlideShow Software Review

Perhaps you have lots of funny or memorial photos, and would like a make a flash slideshow. However, you know nothing about flash, xml, JavaScript. So what? Well, don't waste your time and effort trying to master it from now on, unless you have enough time, money and patience. Searching in GOOGLE, you will find bundles of easy-to-use, nice and inexpensive tools for non-experts, like you and me!
Yep, I say, bundles of tools. So, what to look for in slideshow software?

1. Ease of Use.

The slideshow software should be easy to master. WYSIWYG interface is most important. Do remember, we’re not experts in Flash. Our purpose is to make a slideshow as easily as possible.

2. Features.

Transition effect is something attracting users most. Therefore, a large number of transitions are necessary, which make your slideshows more attractive. And software should have existing library, which means preset photos, music, background pictures, template, clipart, etc. are included. The software should also allow users to drag and drop photos from outside source, and control the duration. It’s better if the program allows editing the photos to suit your slideshow, importing music or adding narration. Last but not least, the ability to preview before publishing.

3. Output Format.

Basically, the slideshow can be published as SWF format. Some software provides publishing as exe, html, screensaver or online album as well.

4. Support.

Good software manufacturers should at least provide tutorials or manual that guides a user how to create a slideshow step by step. FAQ is needed, too. That brings convenience on only to users, but also to the manufacturer. Of course, if possible, we also need phone, fax or online support.

Click here to have a look at the review of 4 similar software: FlashSlider, Amara Flash SlideShow Builder, SWF’n Slide, Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder. There’s no rating for each program, for in my opinion, it’ll be 5-star software if it exactly meets your needs.

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