Thursday, May 25, 2006

Make a slideshow with 3:4 pictures

Because of the limitation of third-party plug-in, most slideshow making software only allow to insert 4:3 pictures, otherwise, it won’t look so nice. Well, don’t worry, here’s a step by step tutorial helping to do that.

Step 1: Begin with Theme -> Customize, and set a 3:4 scene size of theme.

Step 2: Set Template with empty frame. Then drag the width and height at the same place. For example:

Step 3: Export and back to Theme. Select the one made just now.

Step 4: Start to make a slideshow. 1) Browse. Click the folder where your photos are stored, and then add them to the story line. 2) Apply transition effects to photos. 3) Publish.

BTW, in this way, you can also create a slideshow with other scale photos. Regards!

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