Thursday, May 18, 2006

Creat a slideshow theme

I think some of you may have used Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder. The software includes quite a lot of templates, which are nice and easy for beginner to use. But, are you interested in making your own style one?

Step 1: Use Theme Designer of the software. Start with opening Movie, then template, and ending movie last.

Step 2: Background mode. Choose the background mode – color or picture, that’s up to you! But color is a little humdrum. Usually, the opening movie should be attractive. So, in my opinion, it’s better to choose picture background mode. You can use the inside pictures (800*600), and of course, your own pictures (support bmp, jpg, jpeg file) are allowed.

Step 3: Clipart. There are eight sorts of clipart – Animal, Daily, Environment, Festival, Human, Text, Work and Other. More than 300 clipart can be chosen from. What I want to mention is that all the clipart are made with swf file. It means you could view the butterfly flying, the stars winking, etc.

Step 4: Text. Write down your presentation of the theme or the slideshow. Choose your fond font, size and color, and then drag it wherever you want. BTW, don’t forget to pick a text effect. For example, Fade, Zoom, Flying and so on.

Step 5: Template – photo frame. Select a photo frame or just let it empty. You can also drag the frame and scale it. Then set width, height, font, color, size of description text.

Step 6: Preview, Save and Export. After doing that all, you can click Preview to get a look at your artwork first. Then save it for further modification. The last step is to export it as a slideshow theme, so that it can be used again and again.

All is finished. Do you enjoy the process? Last but not least, enjoy yourself!

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