Friday, April 14, 2006

Make your dvd slideshow with DVD Slideshow Builder (1)

After you have installed DVD Slideshow Builder, you are ready to start creating your photo and video slideshow. When you are satisfied with your creation, save it to DVD.

To import pictures
1.To start DVD Slideshow Builder for Windows.
2.In DVD Slideshow Builder, on the Organize page, click +New, and then click New photo slideshow.
3.On the Select photos to add to your slideshow page, click the folder in which the pictures you copied from your digital camera are located. Select one or more pictures, and then click add or add all, then click Close.

To arrange and edit your pictures
1. If you want to rearrange your pictures, you can also click and drag pictures to a different location.
2. If you want to view pictures with big or small thumbnail, click the button Change slideshow view style at the right side of the tool bar. You can view pictures in 150*112, 120*90, 80*60 and 40*30.
3. If you want to rotate pictures, click Rotate90 to the selected pictures. You can choose rotate 90 degrees clockwise or anticlockwise.
4. If you want to make additional changes, such as correcting contrast or adding an effect to your picture, click the Edit button or double click the selected picture, and then do one of the following in the Edit Pictures dialog box:
 To rotate the picture, click Rotate 90 , Rotate 270 or Flip.
 To set Basic editing, change Contrast, Brightness, Blur or Mosaic.
 To add an effect that changes the appearance of your picture, such as Negative, Gray or Black and White, click the Photo Filter tab, and then select an effect in the Effect list.
 When you are done editing your pictures, click Save&Close to save the changes made to your pictures. To continue, click Previous or next.

Click here to download DVD Slideshow Builder

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