Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Create unique slideshow with funny words

Create slideshows easily and quickly just with some funny words

I downloaded several photos of some cuties. All of a sudden, I got an idea to make a flash slideshow and add some funny words. I’ve post that Slideshow on Google groups, and someone gave me a five-star rating. Follow my steps, and you can make a special one as well.

Step 1 Add photos to story line. I suggest optimizing them beforehand – it’ll look better if all the photos are in the same size in my opinion. This software supply basic editing, such as brightness, contrast, blur, sharpen, etc.

Step 2 Transition effect. There are too many transition effects for choosing, hence, I prefer the randomizing ability, and make a little change of one or two photos. It saves a lot of time.

Step 3 Add themes. Generally speaking, themes are suitable for different situation. Some of the themes are quite interesting for making a wedding slideshow or baby slideshow. If just wanting to embed the SWF file in your html page, however, you can choose No theme. Yep, there’s a creative way - that is to custom you own theme with clipart, text and photo frames.

Step 4 Write down your funny words. Begin with Edit >> Text settings.

 Photo description. Input the specific illustration to your photos. All the words are added still.

 Text list for spicing up your work. Click to in put any interesting captions. Then select your favorite animated effect, font and color to make the slideshow dramatic. The text effects include Fade, Fade and Zoom, Typewriter, Random, Explode, Target, Piano, Flying, Wink, Random color. The text can be dragged to any place you want. After this done, click to continue adding for next slide.

Step 5 Save your masterpiece as SWF, HTML, EXE, Screen saver or online album.
If what you want to write is too long, just make it in several rows, with same or different font, text effect and color as you like.

The slideshow made with no theme will be published in 4:3. Max size is 1600*1200.

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