Friday, April 03, 2009

Flash Banner Tutorial for Commercial Website

First impressions are always critical! An elegance website page or blog with flash banner will help you attract customers. This tutorial mainly show you how to create a flash banner to make your website/blog more attractive in just simple steps.

Here's what you need:

1. Digital Photos Related to Your Business
2. Flash Gallery Software

Step 1. Install and run in Slideshow mode

First of all, download Flash Gallery Factory and install it. And then double-click the icon on desktop or from the Start menu to launch the program. To create flash banner for your website/blog, please run in "Slideshow Mode".

Step 2. Add photos

The program will go to "Browse" tab by default. At first, browse photos in the File Explorer and simply drag your favorite photos from the Photo Explorer to the Storyboard. Process the photos with the built-in editing tool, which include some basic functions like crop, rotate, filter, etc by double clicking the images on the Story Board. Add a bunch of song as background music if you like.

Step 3. Apply template
Go to "Template" tab to pick out a template for your photos so that all photos will share the similar style. To make flash banner, I select the "RedRight" from the Simple Templates.

Step 4. Set Flash Slideshow Effect

Effect tab allows you to change the predefined transition effect and set motion effect. You only need to select effect from the list and click the "Apply to selected" button to apply or drag it to the Storyboard. Besides, click the down arrow marker to the right of "Applied to selected" button to show up another two commands: "Apply to all" and "Randomize to all". The former will apply the selected effect to all photos, while the latter will apply random effect to all photos.Here I choose Effect "Rush Right to Left" for the car photo flash banner.

Step5. Decorate with text & add hyperlink

Click "New Text" to add texts, select font, size, color, text effect, etc. for your photos. Here I select Font "Times New Roman", Size "32", Color "White", Effect "Wipe-left".And then, click "Advanced" Button to add hyperlink.

Step6. Publish the car photo flash banner
Before creating, click Publish Settings button to make output settings, such as "Loop", "Flash Quality" and so on. Afterwards, click "Create SWF Movie" button to make the car photo flash banner in SWF format.

Ok, that's done! Download Flash Gallery Factory and follow this flash tutorial to make your own flash banner for your commercial website.

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