Thursday, May 22, 2008

how to create graduation slideshow

To tell a story in a "non-traditional" sense,to keep school memories,let us start to create a flash photo album with school photos, songs and poems for our graduation 2009 and share with friends and families on website,blog or Myspace. This guide will show you how to create graduation flash photo album step by step .

Graduation Flash Photo Album Sample

Here's what you need:

1. Digital photos about school memories

2. Graduation songs

3. Poems about Graduation

4. Flash Photo Album Software (Wondershare Flash Slideshow Builder)

Step 1: Import photos & add background music.

The program will go to "Browse" tab by default. At first, browse photos in the File Explorer and simply drag your favorite photos from the Photo Explorer to the Storyboard. Process the photos with the built-in editing tool, which include some basic functions like crop, rotate, filter, etc by double clicking the images on the Story Board.Click "Add Music" button to add a bunch of graduation song as background music if you like, here I choose "Good Life" for the graduation photo album.

Step 2. Apply template

Go to "Template" tab to pick out a template for your photo album so that all photos will share the similar style. To make graduation photo album, I select the "Business2" from the Thumbnail Templates. After setting the template, check "Include Intro Movie and Credit Movie" to add Intro and Creadit.

Step 3. Intro Movie and Credit Movie

Intro Movie and Credit Movie tabs allows you to add texts with effect for Intro and Credit. I choose the graduation poem bellow for Credit Movie.

Graduation ought not be an end,

Replacing what within we might achieve.

After all, the good that we intend

Does much to serve the good that we receive.

Underneath the mask of a degree

A person must perform with just the skill,

The knowledge and the art that he or she

Internalized through pluck, hard work, and will.

On what we are will rest what we become,

Nor do we have much else to draw upon.

Step 4. Transition and Pan/Zoom Effect

Effect tab allows you to change the predefined transition effect and set motion effect. You only need to select effect from the list and click the "Apply to selected" button to apply or drag it to the Storyboard. Besides, click the down arrow marker to the right of "Applied to selected" button to show up another two commands: "Apply to all" and "Randomize to all". The former will apply the selected effect to all photos, while the latter will apply random effect to all photos.

Step5. Publish the Graduation Photo Album

Before creating, click "Publish Settings" button to make output settings, such as "Slideshow Setting ", "Play Control" and so on. Afterwards, click "Create SWF Movie" button to make the graduation photo album in SWF format.

Ok, that's done! Download Flash Slideshow Builder and follow this flash tutorial to make your own graduation photo album. If you want to share the graduation photo album on website, blog or Myspace and did not know how to do this, please follow this guide about how to upload swf file to internet and embed to website page,blog and Myspace.

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