Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother's Day tips: Tribute To Mother

Mother. Probably the greatest gift that one can ever receive in a lifetime. It's her love that makes you strong. It's her care that prepares you to face the world. It's her hands that help you to overcome all the trying times of life. It's Mother's Day once more. The time to give back your mother a fraction of the love and care that she showered on you all her life. Celebrate this Mother's Day in the best possible way with Wondershare Photo Software. Make your mom feel special this year!

At a loss on how to pay a perfect homage to your mom? Wondershare recommends 6 small steps that would help you take a giant leap towards giving her an ideal Mother's Day tribute with our photo software. Don't moon around now. Put these to good use.

1. Make a Mother's Day collage of your beautiful mother, capturing her in all her moods. And spice up your mother’s
room with this pretty collage when she is sleeping.

2. Start the morning by giving your mom a nice Mother's Day card. It would be best if the text of your card is in
the form of a song or a poem.

3. Present her with a bouquet of flowers. It is the easiest and cheapest way, yet probably the best way to tell
your mom what she means to you.

4. If cooking is not your forte, take her to a first-class restaurant in the evening and order a table for two.
Choose a place she has fond memories of, if you can arrange it. Order her favorite dish and give her a treat.

5. Post dinner, take her to a favorite haunt, any place that was frequented by you with her in your childhood
(a park, a former residence, a street etc).

6. Culminate your Mother's Day celebrations by handing over to her a gift which is made by yourself. Especially
something can re-live the memory of those golden olden days you and your mother passed together.

Get Wondershare Photo Software to make her a “Mother’s Day Slideshow“ with photos and video clips of your mother’s will take your mom on a beautiful heartfelt trip down memory lane.

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Alex Brown said...

Thanks for Wondershare Photo Software link. I would like to know more about it to make my Mother feel special.