Saturday, May 19, 2007

Slideshow On Journey

If you love traveling, it’s really perfect to go around in this early summer – neither too wet nor too dry. Invite some good friends or family members, bring the DC or DV together, and let’s go!

Yep, lots of friends love to take photos along the journey, and make a slideshow when they are back. Perhaps you’ve found that your journey was so excellent, yet the slideshow was too boring to attract your audience. If give a “YES” answer to this, you won’t suffer it again. Read on please!

After making some slideshows for my family and friends, I arrived at some basic guidelines for building a traveling slideshow.

Who are your audiences?
What does it make for? It’s the crucial decision before you start the slideshow. You should know different people focus on different things. For instance, family would enjoy the moment they stay together, while friends want to learn more about where you’ve been to, and how beautiful it is. So do remember to always keep your audiences in mind, pick the right photos, right soundtrack and write the right captions.

What’s your story?
Suppose you’ve got the right photos, but just simply mix them together. I am sorry to tell, it’s a boring slideshow again, since others do not know what you would like to show!
Think about it – do you like to see a slideshow, which is only a combination of photos?
You must act as a director to direct a movie about traveling. And purpose of this movie is to make your audience experience the same emotion during your journey.

How to make it attractive?
  • Transition effects and photo motions
    I don’t like the slideshow with fade in and out effects from the beginning to the end, neither too many photo motions. What effects are invoked is according to the style of photos. For example, slow motion is relaxing, while quick rotation is more exciting. For emphasizing some certain photos, you could apply some pan & zoom effects as well. Effects and motions are the ways to express your feeling.

  • Right music for the slideshow
    It sounds like an easy job, in fact, it isn’t. You can easily pick pieces of good music from your favorite, but perhaps not the right one. Background music is most important part except for the photos - No wonder so many people ask for suggestion about background music for slideshow.
    Simply speaking, it is the same with picking the transition, which is depends on the style of the show. Style is the point to pick light music or rock & roll.

  • Scenery, together with people
    Unless you want to make a scenery presentation or personal portray, otherwise, please mix them together. Most audience would like to see that it’s YOU who have been to that place.
    People combine with beautiful scenery is most popular. We could learn a unique you with excellent landscape. Also your feelings – exciting or surprised at the special moment.

  • Never keep it too long
    Do not let your audience to feel sleepy to watch a long movie about your journey – they won’t be interested in each photo you’ve snapped. So just leave the most dazzling photos in your slideshow, and make them want to know more next time and keep watching again and again.

What software for creating a slideshow?
Surely, Adobe is the best for experts or making personalization slideshow. If you don’t have any flash skills, slideshow software, such as Wondershare Flash Slideshow Suite will help a lot, while is good for creating free simple online album.

When you consider everything mentioned above, your audience will absolutely applaud on it and look forward to your next trip.

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Im on the look out for short background music? Free ones. Anyone got any help?

Only site i could find is this one..

Free music tracks

Cool tracks but only a small selection