Monday, May 21, 2007

How to personalize your eye-catching slideshow?

You need not pay excessively for a professional slide show creating company to create your unique video slideshow. With the steps below, it is easy to customize the slideshow in your own style with more fun.

  • Decide the theme of your slideshow
    Keep your audience in mind and figure out what pleases them..
  • Pick up the photos
    It is very crucial and also very challenging to choose the appropriate photos & videos to light up your theme. Sometimes it is more helpful to let your friend choose photos for you, or, ask a slideshow consultant for advice, which would be more objective.
    In addition, you should make sure your photo is clear enough to play in fullscreen. The blurring and haziness will be enhanced the more enlarged the photo is. The qualified photo should not be too dark not too grainy yet.
  • Organize and edit your photos & videos
    Multiple transition effect, such as fade-in, fade-out, Ken burn’s effect with the pan and zoom can make your slideshow vivid and impressive.
    Add the text captions for your slideshow.

  • Add background music or narration carefully
    In order to touch up your slideshow, you’d better choose the proper music according to the feeling you want to give your audience. Happy, sentimental, funny, nostalgic…choose right one to make your slideshow moving. Or, wrong music would break your slideshow. Furthermore, check the length of music to match your photos.

  • Preview and DVD authoring
    Before sharing with your friends or authoring a DVD, you need to view and check your slideshows over again to insure it is perfect.

  • Slideshow software
    These are all the steps you need to do and prepare. Finally, you need to a professional SlideShow tool to fulfill it, say Wondershare DVD SlideShow Builder. Or, if you only want to do some basic edit to your photos, you can get the free software Google Picasa.

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