Monday, February 05, 2007

Tips: Slideshow Hyperlinks

Some tips for adding hyperlinks with Flash SlideShow Builder.

  • Hidden Link
    Case: Make a picture presentation with a lot of contents.
    You may wish your readers to click the slides and jump to the other related presentation.
    How? Swap to "Decorate" tab and choose "Hyperlink" to type in your URL.

  • Watermark Link
    Case: Add a watermark link which displays for the whole slideshow.
    It's for copy right protect, you could add your name or logo with links.
    How? Swap to "Publish" tab and choose "Hyperlink". It's available to make a choice - text link or image link.

  • Action Link
    Case: Go to other webpage or presention when the slideshow is finished.
    If you submit your slideshow to blog or Myspace and would like to bring eye-balls from that to your website, the action link is extremely significant.
    How? Swap to "Publish" tab, choose "Others" and type in your URL at "Go to". It's better to choose target "_blank".

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