Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Make a YouTube Video SlideShow

Someone wonders how people make a picture slideshow with music and cliparts. Actually, it's as easy as ABC.

How to make a YouTube picture slideshow?

How to upload the video to YouTube?

  • What you MUST do first, yes, sign up a YouTube account.
  • Login and click the "upload videos"
  • Type in the information for your slideshow, such as title, description, etc
  • Click "Go upload a file" button
  • Upload the slideshow from your computer
  • Click "Upload Video" button.
How to get a discount?

YouTube Upload Tips:
  • Uploads will usually take 1-5 minutes per MB on a high-speed connection.
  • Converting your video takes a few minutes; you can add more info or upload
  • more videos while it's processing.
  • Videos are limited to 10 minutes (unless you're a Director) and 100 MB.
  • Videos saved with the following settings convert the best:
    MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) format; 320x240 resolution; MP3 audio; 30 frames per second framerate


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