Monday, April 25, 2011

News image editing techniques

The photos are an important form of dissemination of news and information.Pictures, sometimes as  important as news itself, how to cleverly edit the pictures to release good news photo in the newspaper editing is very important.

The way a photo is edited can make a lot of difference. If some simple editing techniques are kept in mind and followed they will result in getting outstanding photos. These techniques might look simple and easy but they do make a huge difference to the overall result. Hence, we would be discussing some very simple and basic editing techniques which would be beneficial for you.

Part one: Pay attention to the selection of news pictures

News, like pictures and other press releases,  there will always be many。There are many techniques to select news photos.

First,check the picture whether the subject is associated with the current report; The second is the timeliness.

Part 2: News image processing techniques

Even if the picture itself is good, because of many factors, it is also less than satisfactory performance of the place. According to the theme of the news to process the pictures after they are selected.

Re-composition of the selected pictures cut  the pictures has nothing to do with the news
On the other hand is the  combination of pictures. In the case of no existing pictures,editors need to re-mix the pictures from different places and different industries based on the specific theme.


Part 3: Talented Text Description

Overall, the picture description is not only the explanation of the picture, but the sublimation of the news.
News picture is a independent form of news report. Photo illustrations are generally inserted in the text news reports, instructions must be very concise, avoid duplication, seeking to write new ideas and features. Text description of each picture can be combined with the news photos to explain the details and circumstances of the incidents.

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