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Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Group Halloween costume ideas are neccesary for a memorable Halloween since dressing up with a group of friends or family is even better and it is great to make a group Halloween costume. Ideas for group Halloween costumes are provided in the article.
Look at these easy and fun group Halloween costume ideas and get some inspiration for your own group Halloween costumes. Gather your favorite people, and then go dress up and begin the carnival!

Television Show Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Television shows are an obvious source of group Halloween costume ideas. The cast of characters often include wacky, enviable and even realistic personalities. You probably have favorite characters on a favorite show already, but here are a few ideas for groups. Watch a few episodes to inspire your dress up clothes.
The Brady Bunch;This happy family is perfect for a group that includes different ages.
Friends: You'll need six people to pull off this popular cast, which shouldn't be too hard. Almost everyone has wished to be part of the Central Perk gang.
The Golden Girls: For a close-knit group of girlfriends, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia are a top pick.

Group Halloween Costume Ideas: Superhero

Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman...look to some of childhood's most popular Halloween costumes for group ideas. Consider it a reunion of sorts where everyone gets to dress as his or her favorite superhero and then meet up to create a power-filled posse ready to save the world.
• Keep a list of superheroes and mark off each one as they are chosen to avoid repeats.
• Make homemade superhero costumes. Try tights, bathing suits and fabric capes with iron-on appliques.
• For an adults-only group, have an equal number of guys and girls to create superhero couples. Superman and Wonderwoman would make a perfect match, don't you think?

Halloween Costume Idea for Groups: Crayon

Finding group Halloween costume ideas is as easy as opening a box of crayons. It's just as simple to pull together. Whether you have a group of three (go with the primary colors) or enough people for a 24 pack, here's how to dress your colorful best.

• Wear solid color shirts and pants over black turtlenecks and socks.
• Buy or make cone-shaped hats to match the outfits. Party hats are perfect for this.
• If everyone is willing, paint faces and hands the same color for the full effect.
• Write the word "crayon" or the color name on the front and back of your shirts.

Halloween Costume Idea for Groups: Hospital Staff

This group Halloween costume idea lets you play dress up and act out. It works for any size group, men or women, but think ahead for this one. You'll need plenty of time to locate all the props. If you have a friend in the medical field, try to borrow items from her.
• Wear scrubs, of course, and don't forget the accessories such as face masks, rubber gloves, stethoscopes and pagers/cell phones. You can also make up nametags to pin on uniforms.
• To distinguish between doctors and nurses, let "doctors" wear white coats.
• Borrow or rent a wheelchair. Have someone play the role of patient.
• Carry charts (just fill file folders with scrap paper), talk in medical lingo and pretend to care for the patient throughout the night.

Food Group Halloween Costume Ideas

For a group Halloween costume that is sure to be a hit, look no further than your kitchen. Everyone loves food, and this concept is a creative way to dress as a group. You can make food costumes or visit Costume Express for a large selection of food costume choices.

Here are some ways groups can dress as food for Halloween.

• contents of a fruit bowl or candy jar
• Thanksgiving dinner
• hot dog or sandwich with condiments

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