Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Embed the Flickr Photo Slideshow to your Blog

Recently, I have been studying flickr and deeply in love with it. I upload a lot of my favorite photos and share them with friends on flickr. And I always wondered how to embed a flickr slideshow on my personal blog.

Fortunately, I have found one simple way to do this. I think that there are many other flickr users who want to embed flickr slideshow to website too, so I share the method here. However, I had to introduce a very powerful and easy-to-use flash slideshow maker Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory as well, as it can help you to create more professional and interactive flash slideshow, and supports you to upload it to blogs, social networking sites and other websites instantly.

Now follow my steps and I am sure you will pick up to embed flickr slideshow to websites in just minutes.
Copy and paste the following code to any place of the web page, blog post, etc, so long as it supports HTML coding. Change user_id from 12345678@N00 to your flickr id, which you can find out on this page. Also replace Tag foo with the tags of the photos you wish to display.
<iframe align=center src= foo frameBorder=0 width=500 scrolling=no height=500></iframe>
If you don't like the iframe structure, you can use the following code as well. The changing places are the same as the above.
<object type="text/html" data=" foo" width="500" height="500"> </object>

You see, it's so easy to share your flickr slideshow, but there is one question: it can't set the transition effects and duration time for each digital photos. If you want your photo slideshow with various of transition effects and different duration time, I recommend you this flash slideshow maker. It can spice up your slideshow with 100+ transition & motion effects, and 120+ free flash slideshow templates, even combine your flickr photos into 3D gallery photo slideshow. Check it, you must be taken by surprise!

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