Thursday, June 03, 2010

6 Six Recommended Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming around again, this is a good time when you can let your father know how much you love and appreciate him. If you are still wondering what to get your dad, here is a top 6 gift ideas list to use for making your dad a great Father’s Day!
1. Watch sporting event with dad
If dad loves sports, a ticket to his favorite sporting event would be a great surprise for Father’s Day. Why not get tickets for the whole family and make it a family outing! What’s more, you may make dad feel very proud by wearing a Father’s Day baseball cap with “My Dad is # 1″ on it while watching the sport!
2.Make a photo slideshow for dad

With the headline: “Why I love Dad.” Choose photos of you and your dad doing things together. Your pictures might be of you taking a walk or fishing with your Dad or maybe your favorite times with your Dad are when he reads to you or says prayers with you!
3. Give dad a Father’s Day “Gift Certificate”

Good suggestions: “I promise to … Wash the Car next Saturday……Mow the Lawn tomorrow.” Surely, don’t promise impossible things like never to fight with your brothers or sisters…?
4. Mke Dad a Father’s Day DVD

It’s a special but very memorable way to please your dad.Choose your father's favorite songs and photos! In the subject line type: “Best Dad in the Whole Wide World.” What you put in the message is special…from you for your Dad only.
5. Give dad a big smash Father’s Day hug

Give your father the best gift of all. You won’t need any materials for this one… the first thing on Father’s Day morning, give dad a big smash Father’s Day hug before breakfast and tell him how great he is! He might not show it, because sometimes dads don’t make a big deal about how they feel, believe it or not, he will be smiling inside.
6. Watch a movie with dad together

Choose a movie that your father like! Take him to the cinema and then invite him to a nice resteraunt! Sounds dating your father! But it must be fun to enjoy the time with father!
Hopefully this list will give you some idea of where to start when looking for Father’s Day gift ideas this year, ensuring the day goes off without a hitch. Well, do something special for him this Father’s Day.

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