Thursday, January 21, 2010

free xml gallery flash

1. Download files from here.
2. Create thumbnails
Create your photo thumbnails and upload it to a specific directory for example /images/thumbs/ and all your photos to /images/ directory.

3. Edit XML file
Fist of all edit website title and directories for big images and thumbnails.
<gallery title="Your Website name goes here! " thumbDir="Thumbnail directory " imageDir="Big image directory " random="true">

It's easy to edit or add your photos to your flash gallery. Just use the following XML structure for each photo.

<category name="category name here ">
<date> Put the date here </date>
<title>Your photo title here </title>
<desc>few words about photo </desc>
<thumb>thumbnail file name </thumb>
<img>big image file name </img>

<gallery title="Flash Scope Gallery " thumbDir="./images/thumbs/" imageDir="./images/" random="true">
<category name="in Seattle ">
<date>01.01.09 </date>
<title>Me and my wife </title>
<desc>at the statue of big George </desc>
<img>photo-1.jpg </img>

Another Easy Way to Create Flash Slideshow without XML skills
Photo slideshow maker is an easy to use flash image gallery creator which can create flash photo gallery, 3D flash photo gallery, website slideshow without XML or flash skills at all. All the processes are automatically and instantly , you just need to move your fingers to click some buttons in the software.

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